Western NC Flatwater or Slow Moving Rive

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My wife and I will be headed up to the NC mountains next weekend. I've been trying to get her into paddling more and would like to find a nice, slower moving river for her to paddle on while we're up there. We have paddled a tiny bit of the New River outside of Boone last year. She liked it, but I'd like something with maybe even a little more water than that. We'd be in my MR Explorer 15TT, so a few rocks are fine, but nothing more than Class I is desired. I'm thinking a good 3 hour paddle, maybe 5-8 miles. Any ideas?

Western NC Flatwater or Slow Moving Rive
You might consider Lake James, which is west of Morganton, NC. It’s large, in the lower mountains, and is formed from a dammed portion of the river. Last we paddled there, it had become quite low due to the drought, but I suspect the recent rains have brought it back toward its normal level.

You do have to look out for the jet-ski-jackasses and the speed-boaters!

Lake James is at full pond

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It is our training lake.
It has some of the clearest water if not the clearest in NC. The whole north shore is now owned by the state, and it is complete wilderness with awesome views of the Blue Ridge mountains.
There are many coves where you can pull up on a remote shore for a pleasant dip in the nice warm water
During the weekdays, they are very few jet skis on the lake.

If you want to go to lake James let me know and I'll give you directions to some of the good launch sites and also a good route to paddle.


Western NC Flatwater or Slow Moving Rive
How far west in NC?

I emailed the Werner paddle rep as he lives in Ashville, he said if you are visiting western NC a must paddle is Blacks Creek Reservoir near Cahiers. Check out this link http://findlakes.com/lakes_near_cashiers_nc.htm

Have Fun


Western Carolina is a big place
What town will you be near?

I know of a nice class I river not far from Spruce Pine.

I would have offered to guide you there, but we are out of town. If that is near where you are going I can give you directions, but you would need a shuttle

There is a nice easy section of the French Broad River in Asheville, and there is an outfitter there that you can get a shuttle from.



I’m not the OP, but…
… are you near Morgantown & Lenoir?

I’m going to be there this weekend and might be able to talk my wife into a paddle on Sunday.

Mountain Trip
We’ll probably be staying up closer to the north in Boone or so. It’s another 2 hours drive for us to get out to the Asheville area.

If you are in Boone, then
Lake James is about an hour and a half.

The New river is about three quarters of an hour.

Watauga Lake, (another large lake) in TN is only three quarters of an hour.

If you want a fun little place to paddle with your wife, Go out on the Blue Ridge Parkway to Julian Price Park and paddle in Price Lake, which is only fifteen minutes from Boone.

It is very small, (1.7 miles aeound it) but they don’t let any power boats on it, and the scenery is beautiful.

They also rent canoes there.



lake in TN
If in Boone, what about Lake Watauga that is just up 321. About 20 miles from Boone. I remember that was a beautiful lake. I always stopped there and cooked lunch when I was traveling back though Boone.

Or maybe it was Holston Lake? that is just above it, because I remember the road went though the middle of the lake and there was a boat landing right there.