Western NC

Just returned from a 5 day paddle in the Pamlico Sound. Needless to say, I’m ready for a trip that does not involve paddling into the wind. I’m thinking “down river” float trip. Any ideas for Western NC rivers suitable for a touring kayak?

I live in the NC mountains
If you are thinking of an extended 5 day trip, there are not too many.

The New River which is in the central area of the mountains is a excellent one for a trip like that. It is a Wild and Scenic River, and you can get up to about a seven day trip on it.

Contact Zaloos Canoes in Jefferson, for info on shuttles etc.

It has a few small rapids here and there and a low water bridge to portage around, but I take a 17 foot plastic yak there lots of times.

Some of the better float trips are the Edistoe in SC and the Lumber in NC, but they are not in the mountains.

If you are interested in day trips there are a zillion, and I can put you on to a few.



for the info. Used to live in Boone myself but haven’t paddled much up there. I have done the New, though. I’d be interested to hear about other daytrips up that way.

Also, what section of the Edisto would you recommend?

Hey Swedge et al…
you can answer this one better than me.

I have only done day trips there.