Western Pennsylvania Solo Canoe Rendezvous in 2 weeks

Just a reminder, the free solo canoe rendezvous at tiny Coopers Lake, 45 minutes northwest of Pittsburgh, PA, is two weekends from now (May 31 to June 2). Easy to reach, right off the exit from I-79 halfway between Lake Erie and Pittsburgh.

They always have several canoe vendors with demos and there will be dozens of owner canoes of all sizes and marques there as well as great folks and excellent camaraderie. Good opportunity to see and test paddle a range of hulls and to socialize with fellow canoeistes. Nice campground (you do need to pay for a spot if you need a power hookup).

The “lake” where the event is staged is more of a pond but sufficient for the demonstrations and coaching. If you want more adventure on the way there or afterwards, it is only 10 minutes from bigger (3,225 acre) Lake Arthur at Moraine State Park, a sprawling dam-formed lake with up to 2 miles of reach, great birding and fishing and 45 miles of shoreline. Lake Arthur is one of my favorite local day trip paddling destinations and the sandy launch area beside the dock at McDanel’s Landing in the northwest corner is the handiest for paddlecraft and has plenty of parking for trailers and comfort facilities (you need to pay a few bucks for a day launch pass at the concession/ranger office before putting in a boat)

I had to miss the Rendezvous last year but plan to make it this time.



I’ll second that. We were there last year and it’s a fun way to try out a bunch of solo (and some tandem) canoes and talk with knowledgeable people about the designs and layups.

Won’t be there this year but perhaps we’ll get to meet next year.

That weekend is already booked. Thanks for the heads up anyway.

My wife and I are flying into Pittsburg early that Friday morning to go there. I have a beautiful strip built solo canoe, and really have no idea if it handles respectfully vs other solos or not. It’s the only solo canoe I’ve ever paddled. I know I enjoy paddling it. So I’m hoping we’ll get to try a few, maybe find something I’m missing! I’m still a little nervous about showing up without a canoe, but was told it shouldn’t be a problem. We’re looking forward to it!