Wet shorts, yuck,.. Advice?

OK, I’ll be the first to say that this could be due to my paddling,… And I only have a rec. yak, 19" width,… I like to put some power into my strokes coming home but wish I didn’t get so much dripping off the paddle. The water hits my legs and eventually finds its way onto my seat, despite drip rings. This doesn’t happen if I paddle at a more leisurely rate. I’m wondering if-

  1. Its normal to get wet and deal with such drips
  2. I need a longer paddle (Branches hybrid, not wood)
  3. My technique stinks (did watch some video, am not that far off)
  4. I need neoprene shorts (spray skirt would be silly)
  5. I should just move up to a light touring model yak if I want more speed.
  6. Something else you’re about to respond with?

    Thanks for any advice.


Start with
Spray skirt, drip rings that should take care of it.

I have a touring boat, and in the waters I frequent, I rarely need a skirt. But, when I use my Greenland paddle, which is very drippy, I do need something. I got a Harmony mini-skirt, and it’s been fine for the purpose. It’s available in two sizes, for touring or rec boats. Ballpark size is OK, since there’s just bungee around the back of the coaming.


I got mine for $29, but, can’t remember from whom I ordered it.

I use a liner. It’s made of super thin,
non-absorbant material that allows an air flow between the wet shorts and your skin. Works every time.

IKEA Diaper

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Fer ye 'yakers... us'ems canooists dun't git mildew butts.

An' on de way home... iffins yer add some kitty litter (ah' poysonally recoomends de FreshStep) yer dun't need ta make no stinkin' pit stops along de Toynpike.

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Oh yeah?
You obviously have not seen my butt.

An’ wit de grace o’ Odin…
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What rec kayak has a 19" width???

I second the half-skirt idea, they work fine if you don’t want the full monty.

another half-skirt option
is the Seals Splash Deck, available in 2 sizes from Campmor. it wraps all the way around so it actually provides some splash protection on the sides/back too.

Give Up Paddling, Maybe?
When you play in water… LOL!


Soggy britches?
Another confirmation of an earlier fact. Kayaking is a wet sport!

What’s the problem?
You’re paddling in a small boat, close to the water, water drips and you get a little wet? Stop wearing cotton.

And I want to know what rec kayak is 19" wide, besides mine…


It’s not silly, you’ll need one anyway since Summer is almost through and you will want to paddle in cooler weather. Mini skirts are good when it’s hot but water will still find it’s way into the boat. Half skirt for hot days, sprayskirt the rest of the year.

Number 1 plus spray skirt
It’s a wet sport anyway though. FWIW, we take off the silly drip rings. They just get in the way and the spray skirt does the job.

If you haven’t already done it, ----
drill a couple of holes in the seat.

One in each of the depressions where your cheeks go, and this might partly solve your problem.

You’ll still get a little damp, but you won’t be sitting in water.

That is the first thing I do when I get a new boat, whether it is a kayak or a canoe.

jack L

19" width
You guys are correct- its not a 19" width rec yak. I somehow lost a word, which was “cockpit” width. The entire width is more like 30". Sorry for the confusion. You know us newbies can’t keep our technical terms straight!

Will check out the mini-skirts; long time since I’ve worn one (hee,hee). Thanks, all!

Think I’ll try
Think I’ll try a liner like SUNTAN mentioned.

I’ve been paddling for a few years now and I find soggy shorts a nuisance.

I’m often checking out who make the most waterproof spray skirt etc. but I like the liner idea.

Always seems to be a paradox to have a dry top but soggy shorts.

…wife says she’s leaving if I start wearing mini skirts… :wink:

The obvious answer is
SPEEDO! Works every time, for hot weather.

Paddling is a WATER SPORT
You’re going to get wet. Get over it.

Don’t wet your shorts!
Get a good canoe and learn how to use a single blade paddle. I love kayaks too, but the incessant drip from a double bladded paddle is one reason why I have twice as many canoes as kayaks.