wet suit question

is there any prep before putting on your wet suit? Got my wet suit yesterday and tried it on. Very difficult to get my arms in. It’s a one piece Body Glove Vapor w/ short zipper. Do you wet it first so it slides better?


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Don't be afraid to pinch, lift and situate sleeves and legs onto the right places.

It should feel snug but if you getting choked or circulation cut off, then it's the wrong size.


Baby powder
A little baby powder or talcum powder will do the trick.

I sometimes even use it on the wrist gaskets on my dry top or dry suit.

Rash Guard
I wear a rash guard under my wetsuit, it makes it easier to put on because the slick nylon/lycra causes much less frictin than my swetty fat torso. Practice helps too, wetting it will help a bit, you can pour warm water into it. This helps when you’ve gained a bit of weight and the zipper is protesting going up too. Most people are just not used to how tightly a wet suit needs to fit, with a little practice you’ll probably find it gets easier. If it’s an impossible struggle then you’ve probably got the wrong size.

Get your privates out of the way
before you zip up.

another for rash guard clothing…
I also wear “rash guard” type clothing underneath.

Mostly any kind of thin wicking layer.

Don’t know if most people wear traditional underwear for their more delicate areas. I never used to until I had to hike wearing my wet suit…that gave a new meaning to chaffing…and was the last time I went with out any.

I also wear some kind of sock on my feet,it makes much easier to put on neoprene boots etc…

The Theater uses a nylon Body Suit
you could give that a try.

In The OLd Days
I remember when wet suits weren’t lined with nylon and we used to use Vaseline to get them on. But I am dating myself here. That was 30-40 years ago.

BTW: Vaseline also insulates. The original English Channel swimmers lubed up with axle grease.

Impressive "Privates"
if he has to move it to avoid the short zip on the back of surfer’s wetsuit. :wink:


The zipper goes on the back???

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I guess I have a different type.

a little

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elephant in his jeans(genes) :0)

A "Walrus…"
saw a middle age dude out at the break this past weekend. Short and shall I say… STOCKY! Dude had a perfect fitting wetsuit, right length and snug.

There’s a wetsuit for every shape and size. So, does yours fit? The Vapor was last year’s model, but still pretty recent and but not a bad buy if you got it STP.


Must Be Me…
I can situate the wetsuit right without a rashguard. With a rashguard, that bunches up wrong underneath the wetsuit and bugs the heck out of me…

Nope. Count be among the nude-under-the-neo crowd.


It’s A Dead Giveaway…
to have axle grease on my neck collar at work… The story about the train being late doesn’t fly when folks know there was/is a storm and the waves are pumping…


Surfing Wetsuit, Not FJ…
short back zipper:



yep, got at STP. great deal and yes, it does fit. Only place I’m still having trouble is getting it completly on my left arm. More about my ability to pull at that angle than any sizing prob with the suit. Want to thank you, and all the others that responded.looking foward tomany winter paddles on the mighty Niagara!!

Post Surf Nasal Drip
Last winter I came rushing in to present at a meeting and was having A/V problems with the computer/projector interface I leaned down to look at the cables coming into the back of the CPU and had a bout a pint of water come sushing out of my head …

The surfers in the room enjoyed it …

Case in Point
Amused by comment, as documented in-flight video of an Israeli Pilot who regrettably attest to the peril and fact of flying with absent of underwear. Member zipped up his flight suit after disposing of pass through coffee into a dehydrated sponge bag all the while conducting a moderate turn in a fighter. Video of horizon along with his audio validated the need to put private parts away securing before engaging zipper. One can only cringe at the pain he experienced watching the horizon fluctuate and the screams. He survived, but later faced an inquiry panel which documented his flight. He was unable to continue on with his assigned mission.