wet suit repair question

I have a wet suit that has a 2 rips in it. i have done the AquaSeal repair and it it didn’t hold up for only 2 times in the water. Any patches or anything that might be more rugged that i could try? It has a nylon(ish) backing so i had high hopes it would help it bond and seal…but no dice.

Contact the wetsuit maker …

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Most of the major brands will set you up with a place that will repair it. Lots of shops here in California can do the repair for you quickly and inexpensively.

Iron Mend

The torn neoprene seam should be
Glued back together with neoprene contact cement first. You could probably use any contact cement and it will probably work okay. If there is a lot of stress on the area I have used a small piece of cloth from some old clothes and cut it about a half inch wider than the tear on both sides and glue it to the neoprene using contact cement. You will loose the stretch in this are but it will ot open back up.

try using Seal Cement

Clamp the patched area in a vise using
lots of glue. I use wader cement from Walmart called Urithane.

The reason Seal Cement and similar
neoprene cements work well is that they are not contact cements in the usual sense. Their solvent dissolves the surfaces of the neoprene pieces to be joined, so that when, after a short period of drying, they are pressed together, they melt into one another firmly.

Aquaseal is ok for puncture holes, but no wet suit manufacturer uses Aquaseal or any similar urethane glue to seam neoprene. They use a neoprene glue that works as I have described.

I don’t use the wet suit all that much…but i will try some of these tips. Thanks everyone. Wish we had any type of repair shop near us…i am 2-3 hrs. from the coast so no one inland does stuff like this. Wish i lived a bit closer to the coast.