wet suit

Just ordered my first wet suit HydroSkin Little Johns. They are shortys and they were on sale.From what I've been reading most people talk 2mm or 3mm these are 5mm am I going to end up being to hot on 60-50 degree trips?Or maybe I should ask at what temp. I'll start feeling uncomfortable.

Not 5mm
Those hydroskins are more like 0.5mm. They’re definitely not 5mm. Everyone’s experience of water temperature is different, but in general hydroskins are best for warm water - 70’s and up maybe.

looks like you may be cold

I suspect they are inadequate for fifty degree days.

layer it
If you are wearing it as a just-in-case piece of clothing in calm conditions, you’ll be fine with some extra layers over/under.

If you plan on getting wet (rescue/roll practice)or are paddling in rough stuff you’ll probably be cold.

I have a similar suit and find it adequate for the shoulder seasons.

Little John
I wore a Hydroskin Shorty Little John most of last winter, but I did add layers on top of it and I wore a drytop. I’m also in AL, so you can paddle a lot of sunny 50 degree days around here with little risk of getting so cold you can’t warm up.

If you will be swimming or out of your boat in the water, the hydroskin will not be as good as a 3mm wetsuit, but it’s better than nothing and it’s very comfortable. If you are tolerant of cold and tend to run a little hot, you might like it.

Send it back. Not for cold water.
Hydroskins are very thin, and are not made out of insulating neoprene. They are good for water in the low 60 F at best. If you are looking at water temps in the 50 - 60 F range get a full 3/2 surfing wetsuit. Farmer johns are old fashioned to allow free arm movement. But they let cold wind and water flush through the top of the suit. A modern surfing suit with stretchy arms will work much better to keep you warm.