Wet Suits for Big Guys

Besides the NRS Grizzly, are there any companies that make wetsuits for us bigger guys?

Big Boy wetsuits
Sorry I’m not going to be able to help much. I paddle and scuba dive and in both sports I try to stay away from neoprene, I prefer drysuits for both activities .

Since I’m a “larger paddler” too, I’ll keep an eye on the replies, out of curiousity.

I did want to mention though, that a good place to do some research might be Wes Boyd’s Kayak Place (www.kayakplace.com). This is a good resource for kayak/gear advise for big paddlers.

Just a thought.



They carry a farmer john called the Grizzly for bigger paddlers.

I know,
I asked if any other company besides NRS made wetsuits for bigger paddlers.

the wes boyd site
He’s all over the topic and has many links, anecdotes and other bits of information. I read up on it a while back and it was very informative. Basically, there are several outfits that will custom make wetsuits (for not much more than off the rack) for you. Any time there’s a “big guy” (or gal) question, Wes is the place to look. Happy hunting. Cindy

Wet Suit
Not sure what your price range is, but these folks should be able to fit you. http://www.liquidfit.com/

Sorry, my mistake.
It won’t happen again.

I only found NRS Grizzly
I was shopping for a wetsuit two years ago and the NRS Grizzly was the only one I found that fit. I had checked all over the internet and many paddling shops in the northeast. I got very lucky because NRS was closing out some old colors and I got mine for $80. I just got their latest catalog and the regular price is $124.95.

I checked the Liquid website just now and it seems they will custom size their suit for anyone. However, there is no pricing on their website. Anybody else buy one from them and what was the cost?


Rainbow Designs
Rainbow Designs makes a 3 mm neoprene zip front farmer john wide medium (WM) and wide large (WL). These are available through Boulder Outdoor Center

I have 2 wetsuits from liquidfit and they are both great. They fit perfectly, as opposed to the NRS Grizzly, and the cost was very comparable. They take a few weeks to turn the order around, and make sure you leave enough time to have Liquidfit tweak the fit if it’s not perfect. Overall, they did a great job and they were very willing to work with me to customize a farmer john for paddling as opposed to a wetsuit for diving.