Wetsuit Care

Just wondering–do you rinse out your wetsuit after every use–or just now and then?

Every time
The thought of not doing that is EEEEWWWW.

I take it in the shower with me and use a little bit of soap to wash it, then rinse and hang up outside. There are some great wetsuit hangers that spread the shoulder area to allow air to circulate while drying.

If you paddle in salt water and don’t rinse, the suit gets especially nasty. It won’t really dry. Same for sprayskirts, booties, hoods, gloves…

wash it at least once a year!
I leave it turned inside out- hang on the clothesline a day or so-turn it back the right way, shaking off loose dirt and sand, then throw it back into my van to use again- wash on gentle cycle in the washing machine once a year. My booties stay outside until I’m headed to the river. Too toxic to bring into the house.

Don’t suggest washing machine
You’ll note most wetsuit makers clearly state " Never put your wetsuit in a washing machine" . the seams will quickly pull apart. Hydroskin stuff can be washed on delicate.

You don’t have to wash your wetsuit every time you use it, but they do get funky pretty fast if you don’t Washing can just be rinsing it out in the shower. NRS sells some good wetsuit shampoo, or you can use simple shampoo, don’t use strong detergents or very hot water ( can melt seam glues.)

Bought a big jug of this stuff
Several years ago, and still have a big jug left.


It works great, but I paddle fresh water, and don’t find that the wetsuit gets particularly dirty. I’m just too lazy to wash it out. Like tdaniel, I just hang it up and let it dry.

Booties are a different issue. I do rinse those, and wash them with shampoo (since I have a huge bottle of it anyway) when they get too disgusting. It helps, but the booties get pretty rank anyway. Some people swear by MiraZyme. I already have one big bottle of stuff that I never use, so I haven’t tried this one.


I’ll vouch for Mirazyme. A little goes a long way.

Mirazyme useless
Mirazyme was useless for my booties. What worked for me was 1/4 cup white vinegar, then 1/4 cup Dishwashing soap, then fill to brim with hot tap water. Let sit an hour, rinse multiple times, then dry in the sun.


When they need it, I soak my wetsuits in the tub with a little Woolite in warm water. After they have soaked for awhile I rinse, then hang them up to dry inside out.

For neoprene boots and wetshoes I rinse them in fresh water and dry them with a boot dryer.