WETSUIT NEEDED for Tall Skinny Guy

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I am in need of a wetsuit. Problem is I am 6'2 and weigh 175lbs, soakin wet. Every size chart says a person my size should have a 36" waist and a 40 " chest. So not all of us are built like that. My Kingdom for clothes that fit! Well if anybody has ideas other than paying $200-$300 for a custom made. Does anyone sell a LT(long tall) wetsuit or am I SOL.
Happy Paddlin
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Kayak Academy

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Call the Kayak Academy.
If anybody can help you, they can. Be sure to talk to George, nobody else. His advice will help, but he may convince you that a dry suit is best. I regret the years I suffered with, and paid for, neoprene when a good Gortex dry suit is soooo much better.

Unfortunatley I am a LOW BUDGET PADDLER

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THere are a couple of reasons I am looking for a wetsuit
1) Cost, I am a self employed T_shirt Printer and have to watch how much I spend.
2) Comfort, I have had a drysuit and could not stand the way the neck fit.
3) Time of Use, I will use a wetsuit far longer during the year than I would a drysuit.
I will checkout the link you sent, but I am pretty set on getting a wetsuit again.

Wet Suit for Tall Guy
If there is any way to visit a surf shop, do so. They will have a plethora of wet suit options for you. If you can’t access a surf shop, try checking on-line. My son surfs. He is 6’3", 175 lbs. He has worn my xl Ripcurl and found it allowed a little too much flush. I think a large would work, especially in a thinner suit such as a 3/2. I hope this helps.


Warmers wetsuit
I’m 5’11 and about 155 lbs, a Warmers brand medium fits me very well. It was the only brand that was even close for me. Google turns up many vendors.

surfing wetsuit
I have the opposite problem, I’m too short and it seems that kayak companies don’t think there are short kayakers. I got a kayaking wetsuit which fit horribly but I after trying on a surfing wetsuit last year I switched. There are many more sizes and options. Also I find they are much more comfortable than the kayak specific ones. The material is much stretchier and one of mine has 3mm arms and I can paddle quite comfortably in it. For another I just cut the arms off. I’m partial to O’neill because it fits me the best and they have tall sizes. I got both of mine on a great sale at sierratradingpost.com.

Surf Wetsuits come in tall sizes…
Yes! Surf wetsuits do come in tall sizes.

Check out O’neil, decent suits at a good price.

Here’s a link to their size chart…


How about a drysuit? I once had a
custom wetsuit made for me, and it was the worst buying decision I made.

You’re ML (Medium/Tall) Range

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for most (reputable) surfing wetsuit companies, e.g. Excel, Quiksilver, Rip Curl, ONeill. The latter tends a bit to the tall side. (I like Excel which tend more average/short).


PS. DO NOT buy a "wetsuit" made by paddling oriented companies.


I have a 5/3 mil (5 on the body 3 on the arms and legs) wetsuit I used for diving. I still dive but it has been a few years since I was 175, but I’m still 6-1…You are welcome to it…(Never been “P” in either…)

Actually, the problem with my custom-
made wetsuit was that it was NOT made by a paddling-oriented company. They made no provision for the kind of arm motion and torso motion needed in paddling, and I had to pre-squash the neoprene behing the knees so that I could kneel. I had told them I wanted 2mm neoprene, they made it out of 3mm, and after I insisted they change the sleeves to 2mm, they wanted to charge me for it.

Never Been P in THATS GREAT
What would you want for that. By the way to lose weight just do what I did, HAVE 3 BACK SURGERIES in 2 YEARS!!!. I was 215 3 years ago, now just trying to get back SOME of what I had before. Thanks for the offer.

It looks like I am not the only MISSHAPEN paddler hear. Thanks for all the info

MonRiver JOE

You can have it…Email me your address. When you receive it, Paypal me the postage that is written on the box…If ya don’t have the money for postage don’t worry about it…

Went out this morning. This is tuff on a Blackberry.

Got wetsuit
Thanks alot, got the suit today. Fits great. I will be giving it a try in 24 hours. Leaving Fri after work. I will be sending you a repay for the shipping.


Good luck & enjoy !!

Short Ass!
I’m 6’11"

Best fit for me was an O’Neill 3XL one piece wetsuit, it cost 269 bucks and although I’m not xtra xtra large, but am xtra xtra tall like you and some more, the extra neoprene in the back & front provided enough stretch to cover my long body and legs. Coupled with neo socks and gloves, I’m all kitted out and ready to go!

I’m actually the opposite to you, although I’ll be keeping my wetsuit for the Summer, but am now looking to get a drysuit for the harsh winter months - where did you get yours and what exactly was it?

long tall custom wetsuit
hi if you live in the uk i have a long tall wetsuit that will fit on ebay under…no limit wetsuit… bid is ending soon check it out