Wetsuit problem being too tight

This is a little embarrassing but I’m posting it in the hope that others will gain from my pain.

I’ve always been of the opinion that a wetsuit can’t be too tight but I was wrong about that. Like most of us, my belly grew after the Holidays which effectively shortened the inseam of my Farmer John. I didn’t notice anything wrong for days but then it hit me all at once. It felt like I was sitting on a bowling ball.

A wetsuit is too tight when it goes beyond the “stretch”. You can notice it as you’re pulling up the zipper and the material reaches the end of the elastic rebound. If you’re pulling past the point where the material has stopped stretching, its time to go to a larger size or different style.

Respectfully submitted, Suntan

More comfortable and you can buy one with “room to grow” without sacrificing warmth. Worth the investment.

Or go on a diet.

Thanks RM, I checked out NRS
they are about twice the cost of a wetsuit. Can you suggust another supplier?

Check your wetsuit
It may indeed have a bowling ball in it.

My ex-wife tried just such a stunt when she was trying to get rid of me. I fell in the water and sunk like…a bowling ball. Were it not for my quick reaction in popping open the relief zipper, I would have been carp food.

That’s really funny !

Would you believe I only weigh 190?
How about 290?

there are good drysuits, and there are cheap drysuits, but there are no good, cheap drysuits. Anything under $500 for a basic breathable is a good deal. For paddling you definitely want to go breathable.

Altrec has good prices:


What’s with kayakers and vengeful
exwives? At least she didn’t cook your dog and feed him to you.

Another option

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Is this for canoeing or kayaking?If it is for SINK kayaking, maybe you can get away with a skirt and a drytop? Or a drytop over some neoprene waders and a belt? Only $100. I guess it depends on your comfort with your roll and your conditions. I don't know if just a drytop is good enough for you up there, but since you are looking for something to replace a wetsuit, I think maybe so.


Disclaimer: I don't have a drytop, so I only mention it to get you thinking about a possible alternative to a full drysuit (which I do have), and you can ask other people on this website whether my understanding of the use of a drytop is valid or not.

Rex, here Rex, Come on boy… Damn, where’d that mutt go now? I haven’t seen him since breakfast!

Thanks RM, "get what you pay for"
is always good advice. Going cheap in ice cold water isn’t such a good deal.

Thanks for the Reply. What is SINK

Maybe he’s “dog-gone”

Thanks again, great website, great store

Commonly used acronym for “Sit IN Kayak”