Wetsuit question

When wearing paddling boots with a wetsuit - do u tuck the wetsuit legs into the boots or over them.


snug fit
to get the most insulating benefits out of neoprene you want a good snug fit. The more water flushing in the more body heat is lost from the body core, the legs, etc.

So if the water shoes are over the ankle they’d be going over the legs. Low cut booties not an issue, they won’t reach that high.

which leg?

I’d guess both the left and the right leg. :slight_smile:

Tuck in
I surf all winter long in the Northeast and always tuck. Put your suit on, roll up the legs, put booties on then roll leg down. You’ll still have a tight layer of rubber on your leg and your booties won’t fill with water. If you have good sealed booties you will get very little water in them.

plastic bag trick
You can wear socks in the booties and then put a small plastic bag over them and tuck that bag under the ankle of the wetsuit.

that’d be a choice of 3 for a man '-)

Chota mukluks go over the wetsuit legs
They also fit over the drysuit legs.

The Chotas were too HOT today while paddling. Next time I’ll wear the low-cut Teva Protons even though the water is still very cold.