Wetsuit question

I have a NRS Farmer John wetsuit and was thinking about getting a shorty for different weather conditions. Any suggestions other than NRS brands? Thx

I have an older O’neil,
short pants and short sleves that works pretty well. I also have the same Farmer John’s by NRS and it’s a bulky piece of clothing so I see why you are looking into a lighter and more flexible wet suit. Check out stores like ROSS, TJ-Max and even Sams’s club for a simple Body Glove or O’Neils at under $50. Keep your Farmer John’s as they work well for colder days where a full dry suit is still not needed.

Plenty to choose from

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Look at surfing shorty 2mm suits made by O'Neill, Roxy (forget what their men's counterpart brand is), BodyGlove, and others.

Wetsuit Warehouse sells many brands and is worth checking out. I like that they spec what % stretch the neoprene used is. You will want the higher % stretch versions, for greater freedom of movement. The stuff NRS uses is not all that stretchy.

2mm shorties are my favorite immersion wear--easy to put on and take off, good freedom of movement IF you get the ones with the stretchiest neoprene, wash and dry quickly when turned inside out and hung up, no gap between top and bottom, and armpit protection from contact with cold water. I can't use Farmer John/Janes unless combined with a tight-fitting neoprene shirt underneath...armpit area is too sensitive to cold.

Appreciate the info, thx.

NRS is paddling specific

I have an O’neil shorty and it’s excellent. Good fit and superb quality. It seems to me that most dive or surf wear is superior to paddling stuff.

Just my opinion,


Check out Oregon Surfshop

They have a wide selection.

More versatile
Look at getting a 2 mm Oneil top, and 2 mm bottoms. I use these for layering through out the year and generally what I wear most of the year when the water gets above about 62 F. When the water gets a bit warmer I leave the top off.

Farmer johns suck at keeping you warm … too much flushing. Stretchy top does not hinder paddling.

Sierra Trading Post has had a 2/3 front zip shorty by Camano on sale for a while (under $50). Got one for my boyfriend for warm weather paddling and he likes it – easy to vent the front (problem with a lot of shorties is they open in the back which means the zip presses into your spine in the kayak). The Camanos run a bit small so get the next larger size than the chart says.

Immersion gear
Over here on the South China Sea I use the immersion gear I was born with. Except I have added shorts. I don’t like people pointing at me and laughing.

That’s Camaro, not Camano
I’ve bought a few of their pieces. Some are excellent, others not so good. I bought one shorty 2mm suit a few years after really liking the first one (same model). The 2nd one was not as well-made and fell apart fairly soon. I also bought a fullsuit of theirs that’s good but not suitable for paddling because it has a smooth outer face (triathlon type). Very comfy, but it abrades quickly. For paddling, the standard nylon/neoprene sandwich will last longer.

yup, you’re right
It is Camaro, not Camano. Sorry to here they are so inconsistent. My own shortie is from American Wave, a nice option if you want a US made suit for a reasonable price. They are a “mom and pop” shop that does custom work, too. Xcel of Hawaii, also made the USA, makes a very nice product (I have one of their full length surfing suits.)