wetsuit question

When I wring out my wetsuit, am I damaging it in any way?

Depends how hard you wring it .
I doubt you are doing any damage. My wetsuits don’t absorb or release enough water to bother wringing it.

I do own a hydroskin farmer john that I wring the water out of. I had it for years and even wash it on gentle cycle in the washer in cold water. Don’t do that with a regular wetsuit.


handwash neoprene in a tub…like a Walmart storage box. I have one from Wal made by Rubbermaid. The Rubbermade holds the complete kit for unloading at launch. And washes the wetsuit. With neoprene detergent !

Suggestions on neo detergents/soaps ? Maguire’s Red Bottle car wash ?

Rinse the neo out 2-3 times then roll the suit up in a beach towel.

Press on the beach towel roll.

Then dry in sun. On a dry beach towel.

Neoprene doesn’t absorbed water
So you don’t need to wring it out - just hang it to dry and enjoy the wonderful aroma!


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But you are getting great grip strengthening exercise tho'! :)

If you're lazy like me (or want to keep the "exercise" in the gym), just dump the wetsuit in hot water after use, swish around, hang and drip dry.

Haven't had any problem with odor. It may be because it's MY brand and I like it.


PS - The "real" question is whether there should be a "relief zipper" in a wetsuit. Let the annual fall P-Net debates begin. LOL!

I would add that hanging it to dry is even better (or at least faster), if you have the option.

Actually wringing a wetsuit by twisting it CAN damage it, as it can tear the walls of the gas cells in the material. With thin materials, it can damage the structure enough to make it porous in spots.

Every wetsuit manufacturer will tell you that you should NEVER wring out neoprene.

Why wring it?

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All you need to do is rinse, shake it out, and hang up to dry. I wash mine in the shower. I think wringing could damage the neoprene if done hard. It's just closed-cell foam inside the nylon.

If you have a scrap piece of neoprene, wring the crap out of it and see what happens.

this is what I was getting at
thank you.

Yep. I do the same as Pikabike. Throw it in the shower and step on it while I shower and just let it dry.

long story short
It spent a long drive in my trunk and through my carelessness, was stinky and got everything else wet while in there.