Wetsuit Repair

Doing some assisted rescues the other day and my partner noted holes in my wetsuit. I've had the suit for several years and need to repair this hole and a few others. What do you suggest?

Dive shop
Go to a dive shop they have repair kits/

or a Surf Shop
the kit is basically rubber cement like in bike tire flat patch kits. Some big tears can be professionally stiched up and sealed, if you ask at a good surf shop they will know where you can go to have it done.

Excellent, Thanks.

I’ve done lots of this, here are some tips. First, get glue specifically for neoprene at a dive shop. The glue is applied to both sides of the tear, and allowed to dry to the touch BEFORE the two edges are brought together. When dry, squeeze the two edges together, being careful to align them properly.This may be all the repair that is needed if the tear is in a place where not much stretching/movement occurs. But if the repair is to an “active” area, then you may want to sew one or both sides of the tear. I recommend small stitches that penetrate the stretchy-nylon layer as well as some of the neoprene. If significant material is missing, a patch is called for using suitable surplus neoprene…same procedure as far as letting the glue dry first, etc. Best would be to practice first on an old wetsuit or piece of neoprene. Hope this helps.