wetsuit repair

Does anyone know of a place that repairs wetsuits? I found a place in California that does it but the cost of shipping the suit across the country and back it more then the quote for the repair.

I am in the VA Beach area.

No, but …
I have fixed several tears, up to 5-6 inches with Iron-Mend, iron on repair patch material. I love this stuff as I’ve never had a repair fail.




Edge to edge repairs can be done
with neoprene cement, available at dive shops. The bond is very strong. Then, if you feel it necessary, a surface patch can be applied, inside and/or outside, with various materials. I prefer something flexible and would apply a patch where the fibers run at 45 degrees to the line of the repair.

Dive shops may also know of local repair wizards.

wetsuit repair
having the same issue recently, i was told to contact and send major fixes to the manufacture. in my case, that’s Excel. best to go through the shop you got it from.

or, for small tears wetsuit neoprene cement works great.

It needs a zipper slider
It is a Body Glove suit and was bought from Boaters World which went out of business shortly after I bought it.

might try a tailor
Your repair doesn’t really have anything to do with the fact that it’s a wetsuit. You need a zipper, so anyone who repairs zippers might have an easy time fixing yours.

I also like the dive-shop idea. I’m sure you’ve got plenty if you’re in eastern Virginia.

Check Yellow Pages
Look for a seamstress similar to one someone here told me about: a small operation that repairs tents, packs, wetsuits, and drysuits. This one is an authorized Gore-tex repair place as well. She replaced a front zipper in a fuzzy rubber jacket and repaired a tear in my old Gore-tex drysuit.

For small holes and tears, I have used AquaSeal cement on neoprene. It holds up well and is flexible.

Contact BodyGlove directly
Most of the wetsuit manufacturers have excellent customer service, and may be able to get you fixed up quickly.

Walmart sells Wader cement for $6.00
It’s easy to use and works great. Make a neo patch and clamp it in a vise. If the area is covered in nylon, clean it off.

wetsuit warehouse?
try www.wetsuitwarehouse.com They are in Maryland. I bought a full custom made wetsuit from them. I would think they have a repair department since they are sewing them from scratch.