Are there wetsuits made for kayakers? The ones I see require removal to answer nature’s call, sort of defeats the purpose of wetsuits for cold weather. Are some made with zippers or flaps?


Check out NRS Farmer Johns
They are extremely comfortable, have a relief zipper,and NRS stands behind their products.

I can’t recommend them enough.

Is definatly the answer, my next one will be the womens ultra=john. s…kim

NRS: Just curious, what do most use? I’m looking into the Hdroskin and the regular 3mm Farmer John. Does anyone have both or have used both? What is the difference in warmth?

I live in the Eastern Sierra’s and our water stays pretty cold year round. I do get wet practicing wet exits and my failed rolls. I do have a drytop and bottom but they do let water in.

Thanks, Earl

3MM Farmer John And Mysterioso Top
I use a 3mm farmer John and Mysterioso top for the coast around Santa Cruz. The combo is good down to ABOUT low 50 degree water temps which we get in mid-winter. I would not push it any further than that.

I do not see a need for relief zipper myself. Just roll it down below your waist, and roll it back up again…

I got mine at Diverdiscount in LA, but I think the NRS is a better deal.

Lakes in the Eastern Sierra get much colder than 50 degree but they are mostly pretty small lakes with a short swim to shore.

Hydroskin v 3mm neoprene
I use my NRS Farmer John (3mm) for water temps in the 50s. I use Hydroskin for water temps in the 60s. And for water warmer than the 60s…

Hydroskin is not as warm as 3 mil neoprene.

As most do, I layer: rash guard under my Farmer John and a variety of tops over my Farmer John depending on water and air temp.

Relief for Women
That’s a decent solution for guys, but women just can’t do that. Answering nature’s call in the wild requires a woman to pull her clothes almost all the way off, or at least WELL out of the way - not possible with the fabric of a wetsuit. Relief zippers are a real essential for women.

NRS farmer janes
go to nrsweb.com and check out the wetsuits made specifically for women.

NRS farmer janes
go to nrsweb.com and check out the wetsuits made specifically for women.

Wetsuits – Go with NRS
I just got my NRS Farmer John shortie a few days ago, and actually used it yesterday on Walden Pond. Well-made, surprisingly comfortable, with a spiffy “dual action” zipper that lets wearers relieve themselves with minimal hassle.

Relief for women
I have the NRS UltraJane - it has a zippered crotch - very convenient, easy to use, and very little exposure. I wouldn’t be without it.