We've had 117 severe weather warnings so far this year

Hard to even comprehend. Next one is tomorrow and then again on Monday but once again if we get hail it is expected to be small.

That’s crazy. We’ve had a couple of “possible” severe storm statements, but as they cross Lake Michigan they lose their gusto. On the other hand, it’s been the wettest year on record here: 23 inches of precipitation to date.

It would be interesting to really study average rainfall in regions and the corresponding drainage basins. Where I grew up, average annual rainfall was 25 inches. In Wilmington, NC, the average is 57.61. The rainfall record that stood in Wilmington for over 140 years was 83.65". Then came 2018, with a rainfall total of 102.4". Hurricane Florence dumped 23.02" of rain over 4 days. Even without Florence, we would have come fairly close to the previous record. All that dumped on what was already an extremely wet year.
Now for 2019, we’re around 10" below average.
Regardless of rainfall amounts, I wish for good things for anyone experiencing flooding.