Wha Ho, Pilgrims

Wha Ho and a Happy New Yaar, Pilgrims an’ dem thaar Mingos.


And happy new year to you.

Time to do some cooking in the snow.

Happy New Year FE and everyone else!

Here’s one from yesterday morning. Kindling stage. Alas, no spam cookery this time though… in fact we cheated and did the cooking inside and brought it to a gathering of Capricorn birthday folks.
But we chowed down in the snow.



Happy New Year and best wishes to you Elmo!

Good times, good health and much happiness to you in 2022, FE!

Don’t be cussin’ nor Hey Zeus Kriest profanin’,
lest yer fly’n beauty in steeple goes kerSMACHK!!!
Then 800 leagues of boreal to Noith Joisey you’ll be hoofin’.
Or maybe ya’d could borrow Francois’ kayak?
(Ha, now there’s an old cuss all the way to Hackensack.)