Whale tail? canoe rack for hitch

I am looking for the manufacturer of a hitch mounted canoe hauler. I can’t describe it other than it looks like a whale tail (with no boat attached). Sticks out back of the bed of the truck bends 90 degrees and then has a crossbar at the same height as the bed of the truck. Thank you in advance.

Like This?

thank you so much.

If you have a Harbor Freight anywhere near you, these can be purchased between $30 to 40.

Right on the money (pun intended)!
I went to Harbor Freight and looked around and around and couldn’t find them. I happened to look up and there it was, dangling from the ceiling. $39.99 and out the door. Thank you for your suggestion. It has worked out very well when I only need to haul one boat.


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Glad it worked out for you. Harbor Freight is an unknown gem for some unusual items.

The store I visit had the extenders behind the walls. I went there 3 times (1st time out of stock) looking for them, then on the last trip asked why they never had them? He went in the back and brought it out.

Wonder how many sales they lost due to not displaying them or even having a sign up.

Had to ask for the bumper reciever hitch also.

Bottom line, at Harbor Freight ask if you don't see it!

Bumper receiver hitch?

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What is that? A friend bought one the same day as me but at another store for around $150. I felt horrible for him. And I am a Harbor Freight fan. It usually isn't good stuff but you can get by with it when you need to.