Whar are the odds? Two Isup goes boom!

Hello from Sunmy Greece.

Need a comment (good or bad no matter)

I have Bought from a well respected European sports e-shop an 2021 STX 10.6 FREERIDE Brand new SUP (prolimit owns STX brand like a sub division as far i read about)

Now after first inflation in recommended 15 PSI with a manual pump (part of the package) and before went in water a sudden POP sounded and no more board… . I left for 10 min in the sun and thats it. i immediately wrote to the support team and after 10 days i received another package exact same board (STX 10.6 FREERIDE).
You can imagine how happy i was…

Well happy but unlucky :frowning: since this one
made it only for a week!

After only 2 times in the water before again going boom :boom:. Same 15 psi and same raprure.

I put a pic with both damaged boards

Well thats my story which i wanted to share with you.

Of course i conracted again customer service and waiting for amswer. For sure my,vacations are ruined already but cant do much.

Thank you for letting me share my not so good expirience


Athens Greece

Never heard of the brand. Could not find an independent review.

Most inflatable SUPs are junk. Stick with models where there are numerous independent reviews.

Well, it’s true that e.g. on Decathlon’s page there are no reviews. On the other hand the price is already on the same level as that of some good quality entry level SUPs of European production. I see one potential problem in “I left for 10 min in the sun”. I personally have exactly zero experience with either dropstitch technology or SUPs but inflatable kayaks I do have experience with mustn’t be left in the sun when out of water. And the one European SUP producer I looked up for reference strongly advises against letting the board in the sun, too. Pressure goes up and glue gets softer, so… Just my two hellers.

Well there is in you tube few vids,about STX range and all are really positive. I do not beleive are promotimg STX brand as far i can tell.

Now as dar sun and isups its true only,tjat if its left,in tje hot outisde PSI will go 1 max 2 up no mkre. (This one has max,2, psi)

This should not have happened in tje first place. Its a dual layer board and,tjere is no ccomparison with decathlon sup.its,far of a better quality with initial price 729 euros as far i saw. Of course after discount,goes round 500 euros so its not,cheap :slight_smile:

Don’t know about Greece but in Czechia this model is marketed also through Decathlon, so that’s why I looked for reviews on their website. And yes, this price segment should already reflect some quality. As for sun, I cannot judge it. With classic IKs the sun is a problem but maybe ISUPs are different.

Is definitely possible the quality is bad, so 2 popped.

But could also be that the user is doing something wrong. One thought is about the PSI conversion, given that I don’t think that PSI is a common unit of measure in Europe. Your pump has a PSI reading? 15 PSI is about 1 BAR, which is a more common unit of measure in Europe. A quick search of the web site for the manufacturer says that you can go to a max of about 20 PSI, or 1.3 BAR. I don’t think the pump would let you get to 15 BAR, but if you could/did, that would likely be the cause.

Also comes to mind about Greece and the extreme temperatures which they have been seeing recently. Is possible this may have had something to do with it, should you be in an area with 35C+ temps. Plastic or glue softening or pressure increasing as the board heated up or the like.

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Well pump has normal metric and,correct 15 psi = 1 bar :). nevertheless this should not have happened. I followed instructions in the 1st place.
Although it may sound, unlikely to happen and have 2 boards pop, it actualy happened to me.

So now i wait for their reply amd my vacations are ruined in a way because of this.

P.S Did not knew that decathlon sell this kind of sup. Here i see ITIWIT boards in their shops

I don’t know anything about that SUP, but could it be that your pump’s scale is just wrong? That is, maybe when it says you reached 15 psi it might actually be higher than that. Pumps for inflating recreational gear aren’t necessarily precise. Check at 10 psi against what a separate pressure monitor says?

The other thing is that sitting in direct sun in hot temperatures does surprising things. Last week, I literally watched puddles of hose water evaporate within seconds before my eyes. Our summer has been hotter than normal, and if Greece is undergoing similar temps, I’d be very conservative about inflating things.

Thank you for your kind reply. Well for sure temp affect an isup but its not common to have 2 boards in almost 20 days to pop in same exact place. Also ony last comment.
It poped up while sitting next to a much cheaper sup which was there also in the sun for long time This is crazy and should not have happened. In the,end,that’s what are made for :slight_smile:

Sorry, that’s a bummer. It sounds like a possible design weakness. It’s also possible the cheaper ISUP next to it was inflated to a lower pressure to start with. If they end up sending you a third one, maybe start at 10 psi in the summer months and see if that’s rigid enough. Otherwise, let some air out whenever you finish a paddle.

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I agree, it should not pop in 10 -20 minutes exposed to intense sunlight before going in the water. That would seem to be within the limits of normal use. More likely a defect in manufacturing .

yeap.i thought the same thing. to go onl 12 psi although it stares clear 15 recommended and max 20. thank you so much all of you guys for your comments. lets see what CS will reply from skatepro (this is the eshop i got the STX BOARD) Hope they will support me even for 3rd time since honestly its not my fault!!