Wharton State Forest overnight Ideas

I’m looking for a nice and easy overnight canoe trip in South Jersey (Wharton State Forest area). Thinking light 5-6 hours from put-in to the campsite, and then same back to take-out. Maybe a shuttle with two cars, so it can be a one-way trip. Any ideas?

Not sure if anyone has started upstream of Atison lake…camped at lake (or anywhere nice)…then gone downstream more to takeout?

Thanks in advance!

Mullica and Basto
Both the Mullica and Basto fit the description of what you seek. Relatively moderate distance, a camp spot where you can overnight, then another moderate distance to the take out. You will need a shuttle. You can run it yourself or hire a local. The take outs are pretty obvious, but if you are running your own shuttle make sure you get good, specific directions to the put in. There are miles and miles of dirt roads in that state forest, and they look pretty similar. Contact the rangers at Wharton for more info and you need to go see them to get permits.

Both rivers are really nice trips. There is almost always enough water. Just get yourself down there and do it.


well usually
earlier this year some fellow paddlers got skunked. I wasn’t with them.

the mullica

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Has the wilderness campsite halfway fro Atsion to Pleasant Mills, You can go further to Crowlys landing or Bel Haven on day 2 if so inclined.
Upstream from atsion is tough going but you can bushwack up to goshen pond, there is camping there as well.
the Wading has camping at Hawkins bridge, Godfrey Bridge and down near the last takeout at Bodine field
you can do hawkin to bodine for a nice day and the oswego from Oswego lake to bodine the next day( Oswego gets low at times, check the gauges in summer) upstream from oswego lake is a beautiful stretch if you can find the inlet
Batsto river from Quaker Bridge to Batso vil is a nice day trip
the stretch above that Hampton to Quaker is nice and there is camping at lower forge but that is just 2 hours below the put in. you can also carry the dam at batso and continue to Crowley