What a difference a week makes

Last weeks 48 mile overnight river trip on the Congaree

Today the dreaded white stuff falling from the sky

I hope it doesn’t hurt the peach crop. SC produces more peaches than GA the peach State

Give me gators any day

Boo-hiss to that dreadful white stuff! On Monday it was 51F and I was raking branches and twigs from what grass was exposed. Tuesday snow and crazy wind, bringing down more branches and twigs. Today I had to blow out the drive. But I’ll still take snow over gators.

Got to love snow covered roofs and cars, green lawns, and birds singing on the same morning.
" South Carolina, where you csn get frostbite and sunburn in the same day."

The nice thing about snow it that is covers up the pollen.

I was shovelin’ alligators from outta my drive,
they wuz there sunnin’ now thez scutin’ in the snow,
though they wuz thinkin’ it wuz peach petals that been coverin’ my yard,
Alberta Clipper denudin’ orchard in one blow.
Seems some irascible rodentia sent his six more weeks down south,
flock of robins now achatter ill to Phil.
And with my toes afroze I’ll punch the nose of any laidback teen
who staring at my seething anger sez, “Dude! Chill!”

canoeswithduckheads at it still
response by poem is such a thrill!
indifferent nature sent this chill,
and for this cold there is no pill!

Thanks for your humor cwdh!

Came home from paddling with lovely gators to snow… Now more snow… SC is mild. We are getting our sixth 2 foot snowstorm this year.

@kayamedic said:
Came home from paddling with lovely gators to snow… Now more snow… SC is mild. We are getting our sixth 2 foot snowstorm this year.

Indeed SC in the winter is mild compared to the North. I’m sure going from gators to 2’ of snowfall is quite a contrast. I do sympathize with y’all having to deal with all the snow. Although winter sports are a plus. This winter in SC we have broken numerous high temp records for individual days. Spring is too early this year, and I feared we would have a hard freeze. The oaks have bloomed so the mast crop of acorns may be severely reduced. Not a good thing for wildlife. Not just the peaches may be impacted.

Our summers however can be brutal at times. A few summers ago we broke a state record with 113F day, and 100F with humidity are not uncommon during the height of summer. In the late 90s I worked construction near the coast on the Edisto River building a house 11 feet above the ground on pilings. We had 2 weeks of 103F or higher days that summer. In the mornings the humidity was so thick you couldn’t see across the river, but it would be a cool high 80s or 90F. These exceptional summers seem to becoming more common.

Still most of the year is lovely weather, and we tend to learn to live with the rest.

We have good friends in Anderson… We visit for a week in March but we know we could not tolerate the summers…
Y’all do the best you can with not much snow removal equipment. I have to say the worst snowstorm I have ever been in albeit brief was in Travelers Rest SC

I moved south in February 1973 to Sumter SC. The day I arrived there was 23" of snow on the ground in Sumter county. Chicken houses were falling in, people were stranded on the interstate and I arrived down some closed roads. It was bad for a couple of days then things kinda melted.

Yes I remember that snow storm well. We were traveling to FL from Columbia with my wife’s sister and husband when the storm hit. Cars were spinning off the road. We turned around and headed back to Columbia, and got there before travel became impossible. Walked the city the next day. The few cars to be seen driving were VWs and Corvairs with the engine over the rear drive axle, and a few jeeps. Walked the city to down town with snow drifts and nobody out, or cars on the street. Shut down the state, and the National Guard had to rescue people stuck in cars on the interstate.

On this March
day of lions and lambs
crossing the reservoir
of natured cross-currents
peace and tempest
take up their vectors
rounding and behind points
where I am whipped
like weatherman
in unsuspected winds
and thought
waves to eddy
fear to brace
calm to reflect
the paddle rested
till tiller
and the animal
aims march
out the unknown

The lamb of March subdues the lions know.
The corpse of winter becomes the phoenix
Rising from the snow.
A limb, or fruit, or nut be missing.
Earth’s body and soul remains to see
Another year’s blessing.

And here comes a hard freeze for the next couple of nights. All those early budding and. blooming plants are toast.

Having lived in Montana for 24 years, FL for 5 years, and now the lowcountry of SC for 11 years, I’m not sure which is less tolerable, frostbite or heat prostration. I’ve tried both and like neither.

@String said:
And here comes a hard freeze for the next couple of nights. All those early budding and. blooming plants are toast.

Including the cherry blossoms. Without them not much to see in Washington

Our Daffodils are fading, and the Snow drops are almost gone. The Red Maples have bloomed and are leafing out, and the Redbud is blooming. The Bradford Pear has dropped it’s pedals. The Wisteria is in full bloom as is the Dogwood. Jack Frost’s bite will be bitter this year I fear.

Being 100 miles north of Castoff( He won’t let me get closer) ,many of our flowering plants are buds ; wisteria and azaleas are going to take a severe hit I’m afraid.

Sure don’t have to worry about buds, etc. up here in the dormant, cold north woods. The iceman came and doesn’t want to leave. Used to walk through snow. Now I kick it. >:)