What a find...................

It just goes to show you what you can find. if you religiously search Craiglist for that “gem you’ve lusted after for so many years”.

Seller says, "These canoes can go for $5,000.00 to $18,000.00 if your restore them back to new condition.
And boy howdy; I believe him!
That’s why I won’t tell you where it is, and why I’m leaving on a road trip to Georgia “tonight”.
I have to get that beauty on my canoe rack & get back to central Missouri before some “sharp shooter” buys it out from under me.
You just don’t find one of these “diamonds in the rough” every day.

Eat you heart out !!!


Smithsonian restoration

Good luck!
My naiveté would put this in my “I’ll pay somebody to get this out of my yard” group of things.
I was at an auction in Maryland and could not believe people were buying “primitive” items.
If you love that there are now tons of beat up old boats in the Keys… :slight_smile:

I’ll join grayhawk’s club by saying: “wouldn’t it just be easier to start from scratch?”

There are a couple of old sunken boats here at the lake that are in better shape.

That would go on the WCHA bonfire at assembly…

You could name it “Rot Row”!

The worms been at me 'ole ship,
but from the docks to sea we slip.
A treasure? Aye, so some might see,
down here for sale with Davey Jones’s navy.

For the enthusiastic SpongeBob paddlers:
“That’s ok, Cap’n! We can buff those scratches out!”

If you bring that boat to the Ozark Rendezvous, Bob, I will pay you five dollars to watch you paddle it.

Well the mockery is all fine. But you overlook its value as firewood with smoke flavored by old paint. Further, there could be types of wood in that ship which have gone extinct and no longer grow on our planet. Check for the rare woods first, before burning.

This would be much easier…


If this was required for me to go paddling, I would have to take up another activity.

You’re going to save yourself 5 bucks Pete…
If it was free, I wouldn’t drive across the street to pick it up.


@DrowningDave said:
This would be much easier…


I started one. Once I got the top flat, it became a bench.

I started one. Once I got the top flat, it became a bench.

As I always say “trying is the first step to failure”.