What about foldups and motor?

My husband and I fossilhunt in the Peace River, Arcadia, FL. We have canoed about 10 times so are novices. We are looking to buy a canoe with a small motor, however have several restrictions.

  1. Can’t have a trailer.
  2. Can’t be heavy - husband has a bad back.
  3. Can’t carry on my car (Toyota Spyder convertible) and husband is afraid of scratching the top of his new car with a roofrack.

    I would think that with all of the above, the only thing for us to do is look into a foldup canoe and I don’t know anyone with one or anything about them with a motor.

    We tried an inflatable with a 12V electic motor. It wouldn’t go against the current and was extremely difficult to paddle (it’s like an elongated donut!)

    ANY suggestions would be appreciated. We would continue to rent and paddle, but the drop off points are about 2 hours paddling away from where we want to fossilhunt.


Me thinks…
You are asking for too much. Sans rack, or trailer, that pretty much eliminates any rigid frame boat and only leaves imflatables or folding boats. Neither of which take any kind of motor very well.

I’d bite the bullet and get a rack. They are made to NOT scratch the roof of the car. It opens up your choices greatly. Just about any rigid canoe will accept a side motor mount and a small gas or electric motor. The motor will weigh as much as the boat. If you want light, look for Kevlar materials in the boat hull. Otherwise, hire a guide and use their equipment or learn to paddle and love it. A folding double kayak would not take a motor but could be paddled or sailed… And fit in your trunk.

thank you for your reply
Thanks. You’re probably right. I’ll try talking the male one into a rack!

Kleppers Folbots Longhauls and Nautiraid
folders can take a motor. See The Complete Folding Kayaker by Ralph Diaz. Be prepared for sticker shock… Folding kayaks are pretty expensive. The ones that can take a motor are heavy and real pain to portage either folded or assembled. It would be cheaper to stick with a canoe and buy a beater car to transport.

Sounds like main problem is “husband”!
If he can’t get ya a vehicle that you can persue your hobby with, it might be time to replace hubby. ;^)



No the hubby’s a keeper. Maybe I should think of buying a real car and dumping the spyder!

Are inflatables all the same?
Inflatables are not all alike. Some take 3-4 psi, whereas the lower cost can only hold 1-2 psi. It does come down to how much you pay sometimes.

The tube diameter is a factor also, as the bigger the diameter of the tubes then all else being equal (it never is equal) the bigger tube is stiffer.

So if the inflatable has big tubes that take high pressure, it will be a stiffer boat than the converse. Another way to get this stiffness is to have a folding frame inside, that works too. A stiff inflatable boat will track better and paddle better, and would work better with a motor as well.

How about a beater pickup…
…to reduce the lift to 1-2 feet off the ground to the bed? I transport in a Ranger all the time.

Re inflatables…

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...the Sea Eagle Paddleskis (2 sizes) can take a motor, although I've never been on one.

On the water
I have not paddled one of the Sea Eagles either but have seen them on the water. They seemed to do quite well. Looked pretty stable and were not as wide as the rafts.

Folbot Greenland II
Try posting this question at


I remebember a couple of the guys there use or have used motors and built or bought their own motormounts for the Greenland II folding kayak.

A whitewater capable (reportedly) canoe that folds is the Pakboat - see http://www.pakboats.com

I’ve not heard of anyone using a Pakboat with a motor, but they do sell a motor mount as an option. It’d be worth emailing Alv at Pakboats.

Good luck,


No issue with a Paddleski and motor IMO
While I do not yet have a motor, the Paddleski 435 would do quite well with one. The boat is very stable and rigid, and would manuver quite well with a small gas or electric unit.