What about the Mystique 1.5 tent?

What do folks think about the Alps Mountaineering Mystique 1.5 tent? I usually use my REI Taj 3. But when I’m by myself, it’s a bit big. Does anyone have any experience with Alps gear in general? I’m a Scouter so I have access to their excellent Scout pricing. Just wondering what folks think about the quality and durability. Any other suggestions for a similar tent would be helpful too. The Hilleberg Nallo 2 GT looks nice but I’m not up to that level yet


The Eureka . . .
. . . Backcountry I packs small and light, is durable, easy to set up and rainproof. It is only about a hundred bucks from Campmor so lack the panache of stuff from REI.

Alps seems to have a pretty good reputation for price-point gear. I do not have any experience with this specific tent, but I do have a similar tent design… the Clip Flashlight by Sierra Designs. It can be found at a similar price and is a tad lighter.

The design is really nice for traveling light. The space is just perfect for sleeping, but I wouldn’t want to be holed-up in it for long due to bad weather.

Downside is that it is not a freestanding design.

Alps Mountaineering
I have the Zephyr 1.0. Last use two weeks ago in mountains of NC near shining Rock Gap. gusts to 54 miles an hour and it held up without a problem. All mesh tent with an excellent rain fly. I much prefer a free standing tent.

One thing though. solo means solo. Tall enouugh that you can sit in a crazy creek chair comfortably with a headlamp for reading during bad weather. During good weather you roll the fly down and sleep looking at the stars. Nice sized vestibule.


Looks similar
To my Clip Flashlight tent. I recommend the flashlight tent. We had a pretty bad storm 2 years ago up on the Wisconsin river and I was very comfortable in my little tent. When we were running shuttles a friend stayed back in the camp and packed up our tents while we were on the road. Her comment was --“that is the easiest tent to pack I have ever seen”

The one you are looking at looks very similar, although I think the Flashlight is marginally bigger.


have one
I’m a scouter, too, its (Mystique) held up well and kept me dry and intact during one of the worst storms I’ve been in under any circumstances. Peforms fine in average weather. Not free standing, which would be my only issue with it.

My sons and I have 3 Alps tents, I wouldn’t hesitate to buy another. I know others who say the same.