What about the pontoon boats?

Has anybody had any experience with the flyfishing type pontoon boats on up to class 2 water? I love my Loon 138 for the tamer stuff but it is definitely not a Class 2 river runner.

Most of the pontoon craft appear to be made for lakes and such, the ones designated as ww boats usually cost a butt cheek. Has anybody tried these craft on light whitewater? I am talking about the ODC and Trout Unlimited types of boats…

I never see them
the white water I visit is fished only with canoes that are rigged for white water (air bags tied in).

The only inflatable I’ve ever seen out fishing was a big white water raft rigged with oars and an aluminum frame with seats for the dudes in the bow and stern. The guide sat in the middle and rowed the boat. It was a very similar set up to the white water dorys we the other guides using. He still trailered it just like a hard dory.

I was just curious about the pontoons and figured maybe somebody here had tried them. I have a 12’ Achilles WW raft with a rowing frame as well but that is a bit much for me to manage solo as far as putting in and taking out etc. The smaller craft just seemed more suited to my solo tastes. I love the Loon 138 but it is definitely in too deep in WW over class 1.5 Thanks for responding!

check out…

Review the videos. I think a little more tweaking in of the design and it could be very popular.

Water skeeter
Try looking up Water Skeeter. They have several models and are used quite extensivly in Alberta on white water. You will see by the pics. Also try Fishing Alberta I think there is a link. I am looking at one of these for the spring. Just have to sell a kayak first.


fly fishing pontoons
I almost purchased a pontoon but bought an Aire Lynx 2 instead. I can fish or just enjoy paddling through the current. I have trolled using a Scotty strap-on rodholder on lakes. The best thing is I can deflate it and take anywhere in the trunk of my car. It handles up to Class 5 WW and is tough as nails.

Whitewater Pontoon
I have been in Class II and III in my Hobie 75 on the lower Trinity River in Humboldt County, but I am not going back. I still use it on Class II on the lower American River in Sacramento, but the Hobie has solid plastic pontoons. I have fished both of the rivers before in 17 foot Fishrite driftboat, I would not have done it on a new river.

Trout unlimited
A freind has a trout unlimited pontoon which is great for quiet rivers up to class I. I’ve fished out of it and there is no way you would want to take it down anything steeper than class I. There are some good pontoon boats out there, but as you said, the good ones are going to cost you. My suggestion would be to sell your raft and then kick in some extra $$$ to get a pontoon that is really going to work for you.

I’ve yak fished along with ODC 816’s on several class II-III floats. I was amazed how easily they take 3’-4’ waves. I’ve seen them used on technical class II such as the Elkhorn Gorge in Ky, class II ledges such as are found on the New in VA or big class II-III wave trains as on the New in WV, and they seem to hold their own.

Pontooning whitewater
I have an old waterskeeter backcast. Definately not rated for anything beyond class 1. I have been running it for 5 years in everything up to class 3+ on the little rivers in south western Alberts. These vary from drop and pool to rock garden rivers and I have not flipped or been bucked out yet. You need a fair amount of river savvy and whitewater experience to run one successfully. the ability to read the river accurately is a must. I added a canoe float bag between the pontoons in the bow for the drop and pool stuff and just left it there for everything. It keeps my feet dry and comfy. A 9 foot should take anything you can throw at it. Lotsa fun!

Make that Alberta, not Alberts, Darn fingers dont work too well at my age