What am I missing?

I’m toying with the idea of getting my first fiberglass or kevlar kayak and have been doing research.

What’s the difference between the Seda Starlet and the Seda Atajo? All I can tell is a 2" difference in length. Unless I missed something, the other specs are essentially the same. The Starlet is said to be for paddlers up to 150 pounds, but the Atajo has no such limitation. I have to be overlooking something.

What am I missing?

Perimeter line

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The Ataho appears to have a better situation in terms of perimeter line than the Starlet, though neither of them go all the way to the stern.
One thing to mention about both - of the pics are right neither of them has anything like a toggle at each end that you really could grab in a rescue scenario. The fixed loop set in from each end would be difficult to find let alone hang onto without hurting the hand.

Noticed the simularities myself
Seda Starlet and the Seda Atajo.

The hull shape and bow looks to be the same. Price is the same.

The Atajo is new, introduced this year. And has flush hatch covers. Otherwise they look really a like to me.