What are cockpit pegs?

I have a Potomac 120 made by Pelican. I have not been able to find a spray skirt for this kayak. I saw an old post suggesting adding cockpit pegs to help holding a spray skirt on. What are cockpit pegs? Any suggestions on a skirt for this kayak or where I can find info on cockpit pegs? Thanks.

Sounds like a made up phrase
"Pegs" in a cockpit usually refer to foot support (“foot pegs”). Spray skirts are held in place by the cockpit rim. Any additional thing sticking out to hold a spray skirt in place would be a safety hazard. A spray skirt for a typical recreational kayak needs to be large (since the cockpit is large). This makes it vulnerable to pressures of various kinds and, hence, likely to come unconnected. The solution is to get a kayak with a smaller cockpit.

The problem with spray skirt
On the pelican, that is a large cockpit opening opening and when it goes under the weight of the water will cause the skirt to collapse and dump all that water in your lap and then since there are no bulkheads you are going to have to drag it ashore and dump the water out, there will be no self rescue at sea.

I had a splash deck (Half skirt) for my 120 that kept the sun off my legs but even the paddle drip would puddle in the middle of the skirt then dump in my lap. I had to get some stick on coffee cup hooks wedged under the combing to hold the bungee for splash deck since the cockpit combing has a bit of swayback to it.

I know they make a spray skirt for the 100 but I never found one for the 120. If you do find one be cautious, those kayaks weren’t really meant for anywhere you are going to really need a spray skirt.

Save you money
As others have said, a skirt won’t do much on a cockpit that large and is likely to pop off. Trying to add attachment points is not a good solution either. Save your cash to move up to a boat that will accept a sprayskirt. Look for used kayaks in your area.

Advance apologies
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For those with overly large cockpit
skirts. I have one that fits on an OT Loon111 and it was made with velcro sewn along a portion of the sides of the skirt. It came with a matching velcro w/a sticky back that fastened to the boat. It has been on the boat for many years.

This was purchased years ago, but if you find a skirt that will fit, w/o the velcro, and you know someone who sews you should be able to purchase the velcro at a fabric store. The soft piece of velcro is placed about midway on each side of the skirt and the hook side of it is placed appropriately on the outside of the boats combing. If anyone is interested in the dimensions, I can measure the skirt and where I placed the velcro on the boat.

I do use this boat in the winter and it is very stable. Because one wears more layers of clothing at this time of year, it is easier to exit when done paddling. PS: I have bow and stern bags for the ends as this boat has no hatches.