What are good water levels for Green River, KY; Big South Fork KY/TN; Current River, MO

I am looking to take an out of state trip paddling/camping trip to one of the following locations:

-Green River through Mammoth Cave, KY
-Big South Fork river, likely station camp to blue heron KY/TN
-Current River, MO (likely the upper section of the Current before two rivers)

I am looking for anyone who has experience at these locations, what would you consider to be the upper limits, and the lower limits for a trip in terms of either gage height, or cfs (and at what gage you reference). I realize there is always an “ideal” level, but I’m looking more for a safe and acceptable “range”. Anticipated trip window is late summer or early fall. Thanks in advance!

okay, I’ve boated some of that- spent four or five days on the current during a high water event- enjoyed going early in the year, March (no people and the extra push) biggest hurdle was we would get into camp early and had a lot of down time because of the speed we made on the water

I think big south fork is most seasonal of the three although the section you are looking to do holds water better than the stuff upstream- I think of the bsf as a may into early june kind of trip. Also, I’m assuming your portaging devil’s jumps. Right now the leatherwood ford gauge on american whitewater has it below recommended

never boated on the green but do know that it is prone to flooding, I had friends boat out when their campsite became flooded, I would think mammoth cave np could help with water levels and logistics, there is a canoe livery who services the river, and be sure to enjoy the nps campground and cave tours

I boat a lot rivers in other states- to figure water levels I usually just type in the name of the river and state and usgs and get some hits- the trick is figuring out what the level means for paddling- for that you have to do other research- check liveries, american whitewater, parks and scenic river websites etc

I also order paddling guidebooks that are state specific off of amazon

the greenbrier in wv has water right now- would be good for canoe camping, search greenbrier river trail wv, american whitewater wv page, for more info- ps the upper stretches (cass) run more than what is listed on aw, if you are really serious about it I could hook you up with a shuttle provided masks are worn

Many years (50+) of experience paddling the Current, Jacks Fork, and Eleven Point rivers in Missouri. In virtually every condition you could possibly imagine.

Suggest you google USGS Water Data for Missouri.
Once there: go to “daily stream flow conditions”.
If that does not answer your questions; try to be more specific, and I will try again to assist you.
Or you can email me.


P.S. I would highly recommend that you avoid paddling the Current river
on weekends in mid Summer. Unless you are the type of person who likes paddling with a huge crowd of drunken idiots, with non existent paddling skills.