what are some good canoe's???

for a beginning solo paddler? I’m just curious to get some good names and model’s so I can look them up in the review section, to see what it’s all about.

at the same time, can or are solo specific canoe’s ever made with tandem in mind as an option?

you might want to check out
Recreational Canoe Association of British Columbia, aka BCRCA. Their website is:


They offer lessons and information. Also, should be a canoe club in your area.

A few of my favorite solo canoes

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Bell Wildfire (aka Yellowstone Solo)
Mad River Guide (aka Freedom Solo)
Swift Osprey
Mohawk Odyssey
Dagger Sojourn
Bell Merlin II(on my short list)
Bell Magic (also on my short list)

Mohawk, and Dagger no longer make canoes, but some very good condition, reasonably priced, used boats by those companies can still be found if you search persistently.

Suggest you do a lot of reading, a lot of test paddling, and seriously consider buying a used boat.

Suggest you do "not" put yourself into a very expensive solo canoe for your first solo boat.

If you buy a new Bell Merlin II or Bell Magic, and it doesn't work out.........contact me. I'll assist you in getting rid of it........

In addition to the product review section; you also check out pnet's archives for information on some of the boats listed.

Good luck,


how many boats can use a…
…kayak dual blade paddle to move them around efficiently and effectively? I noticed there are canoe’s that were made for that in mind, but just as a canoe, how many are good for that?

if there are any, can you list some model’s that do a good job of responding to kayak paddles?

Coleman makes a nice boat
that’s the one you want. ram x, now your talkin.

If you want a solo canoe, some good recomendations have been made. However, being Canadian, you are entitled to paddle a tandem canoe solo. For this, and especially when just starting out, almost anything will do (although avoiding Coleman would be advisable). A couple of good names from Western Canada are Clipper (AKA Western Canoeing) and Hellman.

Paddling any tandem design by yourself is challenging in wind. For this, a solo is better (a kayak better still). There is a model called the solo plus by we-noh-nah. canoe design is about compromise, and, while I have not paddled it, I doubt it is very good when compared to either a dedicated solo or tandem boat.

good luck, and happy paddling.

adams river

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If you want to see lots of canoes this long weekend, albeit mostly ww canoes, take a drive to the Adams River and early afternoon a bunch of canoes will come through the canyon, which you can take a quick hike to from the across a bridge.

A Vancouver retailer, Middleton's Boats, had 2 good solos on pretty cheap consignment recently, a Swift Raven and a Bell Yellstone Solo, not sure if he still has them:

I think Kamloops' club is for sprint racers, Kelowna is probably the best resource:


Lost of names there, but to really
answer the question, the budget for a canoe comes into play. At one end of the spectrum, are the less expensive canoes, at the other, the high dollar ones. You may want to set your price line and then ask the question. OR, look for one of the mentioned canoes used.

hey yarnelboat
I know all about Adam’s River, being that’s where my dad grew up as a teenager, in Scotch Creek, so as we grew up, we were thereabouts a lot. tho I will admit, I only saw the ww rafts, can’t say I’ve ever seen a ww canoe in my life…that would be interesting to see.

and it kinda sucks that the Kamloops Canoe & Kayak Club is about competitive sports, nothing relaxed :stuck_out_tongue:

I will take a look at that Middleton link you sent me, thankee!

No one has mentioned Wenonah models
I’d suggest a look at them:

Vagabond, Argosy, Prism, Rendezvous, Voyager and Encounter.

Almost any dedicated solo can be paddled with a double blade paddle.

RE: Double blades in solo
The group of folks I have been associating with of late has no problem switching from single to double blades when appropriate (and sometimes poles too). I am paddling a mad River Freedom Solo (Guide) and often use a Bending Branches double as well as a single for WW.

Use what works for you.


I got a Wenonah Vagabond in Royalex and am quite pleased.

thanks guys!
now I have some stuff to do some research on :slight_smile:

The solo plus
is a fine comprimise. Not it is not a Wildfire, but it isn’t ment to be. It is a pretty decent tandom as long as you move the front seat back or have a bow-man with a short stature. Solo it isn’t too bad. A bit large, but hey, you can fit alot in it, and still laydown and take a nap.


Clipper Canoes
Don’t forget our home-grown, made in British Columbia, Clipper Canoes:


Clipper has the Tripper “S”, which is designed to be paddled either tandem or solo.

They’re available in Kamloops from Valhalla Pure or from the factory in Abbotsford.



So Many
Lots of good reccomendations already. For solo/tandem boats you might also consider a Bell Morningstar out if you get a chance or a “Bob’s Special” hull from Novacraft. I also put a link to West Coast Canoe Company in case you want to dream a little! A few other tandem canoes I’ve found paddled well solo on flatwater are the Ranger Otter, Wenonah Adirondack and Souris River Quetico 16. Happy hunting and here’s a couple links. WW