What are the best Arm/Paddle Signals?

Hey you group leaders, group paddlers who use arm and or paddle signals to gather the group, turn left, right, come here, help, capsize, stay where you are, etc.

You know the main bigggies, not a whole system, just what do you all find is easiest to teach and use for old timers and newcomers?

Did a search here and did not find anything.


And the special one I use…
…for the jetskiers who try to dump me.

Universal WW and…


just get need password help
When I click on the individual signals get need a pass word, but don’t see a place to register?

Complete Sea Kayaker’s Handbook

– Last Updated: Feb-22-05 1:25 PM EST –

Shelley Johnson shows a few in her "Complete Sea Kayaker's Handbook". I tried to use the "come" signal once, but no one else in the group had a clue what I meant and ignored repeated whistles and my airhorn as well!

Tsunami Ranger Signals on BASK

– Last Updated: Feb-22-05 12:34 PM EST –

The list is on the San Francisco Bay Area Sea Kayakers (BASK) Site with an introduction from TsunamiRanger founder Eric Soares.


Nice Cuda that’s seconded (NM)

Best hand arm signals

– Last Updated: Feb-22-05 8:44 PM EST –

Hold your right hand in front of your face 8 to 10 inches away from your mouth and form your hand into a "C", roll your wrist back and forth.

This is universal for How about a beer!

A variation is to hold your thumb and forefinger together, bending your arm at the elbow moveing your hand to and from your lips.

This is universal for How about that Joint/Reefer!?