What are the Fastest Sit-On-Top Kayaks?

Looking for an update. Question last posted 2008.

I intend to rig for fly fishing the salt in S/E FL.

needs more specifications
Your question is simple - the fastest sit on top would be one of the fast surf skis.

But few would want to fish from them. Need more specifications on what you will be doing with it. Will you stand on it? If so you’d need a wide sit on top. How much gear will you carry?

Surf skis are the fastest SOT’s period. As he said though, few are stable enough to be useful for fishing.

Something like the V5 at 23"x14’, V7 at 21"x17’, or the V8 at 22"x18’ could be stable enough to fish from for someone with good balance. The stellar S18S is 21"x18’ also.

V7 info
I have an Epic V7 and I would not fish from it because of stability. I would do some fishing from my Cobra Expedition which is as fast as most sea kayaks, but for fly fishing I’d use a Wilderness Systems Tarpon 160 or boat more stable than that. Fly fishing while sitting really inhibits your casting distance and ability. It is beast to stand or kneel.

If you are paddling to places to wade fish then any of these boats will do.

surf skis

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but I always wonder why fishermen are in such a hurry, with these hi HP bass boats. Are the fish going somewhere?

Consider looking at a Hobie Revo 16
Will get you to the fishing spots by either paddling or peddling, with good glide and hull speed. there are ama kits that will work with this model if you need the extra stability for standing and casting.

Fastest Sit on tops
If you are going fishing, why would you need a fast kayak, wouldn’t you prefer one specifically made for angling???

more fishing time in tournaments

Whatever you get…
Make sure it’s red.

The fastest boats are red.




Eddyline 14’

Or an Ocean Prowler.

I was looking at some barge-like “fishing sit on tops” last month at a Big Name Outdoors Store and was just shaking my head. At least they’d … float. And they do come in camo patterns.

You’re welcome.

Jackson Kraken 15.5 is another
possible choice.

Hobie Advenutre Island
This can be used as a sailing tri, a peddled boat or a paddled boat. Very versatile and goes great in a breeze.

Very well made and worth the investment.

Hurricane Skimmer?
The Hurricane Skimmer is on my radar. Would love to find more info.


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Fastest fishing kayak
Since you’re looking for fishing, and not racing, clearly a surfski is not the answer.

This company has a few for fishing, here’s one:


They used to have a Florida importer and they’ve occasionally shown up on the pnet classifieds. I’ve seem them live and thought they were very well made and well thought out for fishing.

Good luck, be safe!


Hurricane Skimmer 128
I love mine! Happy to answer any questions.

Right, a fast stable kayak
Fast is motor first, hull second, stability is also dependent on paddler size/weight.

So if you have a lean light body with abundant power and technique and don’t need much stability when fishing you might achieve these conflicting goals. If you’re an average size person putting out an average amount of power then an Ocean Kayak Trident 13 is a good choice. “Fast” is pretty much theoretical if you’re not.

My wife is weak with poor technique,
but paddles her V6 faster, farther and with less effort than any other kayak I’ve ever put her in.

More efficient boats, if not oversized, often do go faster with unskilled and unfit paddlers than short, fat sluggish boats.

owning a Tarpon 16, Bic Scapa, OK Prowler 13 & 15, Perception Search, and finally a Malibu X-13, the Malibu is the “fastest” by a nudge over the Tarpon 16. The X-13 is 13’10" with a long waterline and silent hull and I can easily keep up with SIK paddlers, except on those 4 mile and longer, non stop paddles in bigger water, but that’s why I have my Capella. My knock on the Tarpon 15 is the weight (over 80lbs), turns like a barge, and my 2012 model had the built in seat with the plastic parts adjustment settings…broken parts twice. The X-13 is the most lively of them all and responds well.

I had a Pygmy Osprey 13 that was absolutely perfect for light 100lb people struggling with 55lb+ plastic kayaks.

Ocean Kayak Scupper Pro TW
I always found the Ocean Kayak Scupper Pro to be a fast sit on top. I have only paddled the tank well (SPTW) model but I am sure the two hatch is probably fast as well.

They don’t make them new any longer but you can find used ones for sale if you look.