what are the hard chined choices?

sold my foster shadow and came to the conclusion at the end of last season that I missed it. I like to try new boats, so what else is out there?

Fosters, Qboat, greenland pro, anything else comparable?

foster boats
aren’t they in their own niche? Can’t beat a Caribou.

CD Caribou

Pygmy Arctic Tern

add to my own list; P+H Bahiya n/t

I built and paddle a Chesapee light craft 17. Its fast light and looks great.

CD & North Shore
Current Designs Isle

North Shore Buccaneer

Hard Chines
You might want to consider the Rockpool Alaw Bach which is now being made in the USA under license from Rockpool Kayaks in Wales.The boat has hard chines at midships only giving better control on waves, but less drag in flat water. Great compromise.

I keep seeing your posts about Rockpool.
For those of us not in your area, can you tell us how see, demo, and purchase one of these boats? Thanks. Bill

Hi Bill,

We are making them one at a time locally right now but are intending to spend the month of August on the road around the country with the complete Rockpool and Reed Chillcheater lines for hosted demo/instruction days. Looking for hosts that can provide the venue. Since the boats are sold direct to customers (to offset the high cost of US made labor and materials), we are looking for individual instructors or clubs to be hosts. The vision is that we will provide a day of instruction in in conjunction with local coaches for a fee that can be applied to any purchases of Rockpool or Reed products. The fee then pays my travel expenses.


Sorry Bill, I didn’t realy answer your question for purchase you can go to www.secondwindsports.net


Stitch and glue
Many are hard chines and paddle well.