What are these?

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This is some kind of carry yoke. Not sure how they are used. Does anybody know?

I envision it is a portable yoke you attach to a solo canoe, and carry the canoe at your side...http://flic.kr/p/bpFxNo


Probably a quick-attach yoke

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It sure looks like it's built to go across your shoulders, as it's symmetrical for the first several inches each way of that central notch.

My first guess was that one end sits between two edges on top of the gunwale or is inserted into a notch within or below the gunwale, and the other end sits against the gunwale between two blocks and is held down (or "up" when in the carrying position) by hooking that bungie cord onto something inside the boat.

My second guess was that if that bungie cord were stretchy enough, it could wrap all the way around the outside of the hull and loop around the the opposite end of the yoke, thereby pulling the yoke tightly against the top of the gunwales. In that case, both sides of the yoke might be kept from slipping forward or backward by sitting between blocks on top of the gunwale, but a non-slip surface on one side of the yoke might be good enough. In this case, both ends of the yoke poke out beyond the gunwale edges. I'm betting this is how it works.

Okay, I just got a THIRD idea, and this is based on the fact that I am doubting that such a short the bungie cord can stretch all the way around a canoe hull. It certainly COULD stretch all the way around a kayak hull, and kayak coamings are less clamp-friendly than canoe gunwales so this kind of improvisation might be justified. For a fairly deep kayak, this would probably allow it to be carried canoe-style, on the shoulders.

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