What are we forgetting to take...

… as we pack for our trip to Baja next month?

Cindy and I have the “list” from our outfitter and we have a little bit of camping experience. We’ve got the (new!) sleeping bags, the cards and batteries for the camera, the passports, our favorite paddles…

But we’ve never “kayak camped” before, have never been to Baja, and have never flown anywhere to start a kayak trip.

So what are some of the less-than-obvious (or maybe even right-in-front-of-your-face-obvious) things we could/should be taking along to make the week turn out really special?


without knowing what you ARE taking
it’s impossible to tell you what you’ve missed. i will say that i never, ever go tripping without my little down pillow.

Me :wink:
OK well maybe not. Doing big trips I’ve often found that lip balm was more valuable that common backwoods currrencies, as folks who laughed at me on on may 1, by mid month were offering me offering me some pretty nice things, (or substances) to get me to break off 1/4 inch from a burts bees. Duct tape is usefull everywhere. Even makes slit goggles! Heaven forbid you forget your shades. Plenty of water and extra water in case those winds come up, or one of your containers fails!

Got to post your list to get a good answer, and no doubt if you do you will get better answers than I could give!

hydro pak
w sip straw and spare batteries for your electronic equipment.first aid kit w/ asprin or equivilent. have fun.

Antacids and TP. It is in Mexico .

Have a great trip!

For any nation south of the border…
Toilet Paper and Diaper Rash Cream. Desiden is what I used on my kids and it works for me.

Nothing worse than drinking the water, getting dysentary or the you-know-what and having to make do with a sears catalogue or that sandpaper tyey use down there and then sitting in a boat for hours on top of a red raw bottom.

My canteen belt has a pouch with a waterproof bag that has TP in it just because.

On the other hand, In Honduras I got dysentary brishing my teeth in the best hotel in the country and managed to loose 20 pounds. Looking at my belt, maybe it’s time for another trip.

protective clothing
I like to wear long sleeve supplex nylon fishing shirts for sun protection. I find them cooler than short sleeve T shirts, protect your arms and neck from the sun and dry quick. gladesman

Maybe an Extra Pair of Shades…