What became of Beaver Canoe?

Do any middle agers remember the advent of the fast aluminum canoe known as Beaver Canoe? They were being promoted as fast and strong, but I got out of the paddling scene for awhile, and apparently so did Beaver Canoe. What happened to them?

Thank you, MickJetBlue

hmmm …
the librarian in me did a quick google search for [“beaver canoe” -club -rental] which produced many hits, including:





Never paddled one
but I got a T-shirt.

“Paddle a Beaver!”


Beaver aluminum racing canoes were made by Loweline Boats in Lebanon, Mo. from 1979 to about 1984. They first appeared at the USCA Nationals in Muscoda, Wisconsin (Wisconsin River) in August 1979, claiming that they had met the requirements of USCA rules for aluminum canoes. There were two teams, one men and one mixed. The men’s team included Tom Johannson and James Short. Their Beaver was a true racing hull, no one else had one. However…they were defeated by a New York team-Marc Gillespie and J.T. Hall by over 2 minutes on the 21 mile course paddling an Alumacraft. Poetic justice served!

That is when the USCA banned them from the Aluminum class and they ceased to be