what boat should I get my hsuband

My husband and I moved to Boise, Idaho a year ago. He paddled a few times with friends in Colorado and would like to get into the sport here. I was hoping to surprise him with a boat for Christmas. Currently on Craigslist I see a perception dancer, a perception whiplash, or a Prijion Delirious in my budget. Would any of these be good starter boats for 6’ 180 pound beginner?

Your husband is very lucky…
but I think he really wants a canoe - just kidding :wink: Can’t help you pick kayak, but I hope you have a nice Christmas.

The delirious might…
…be a bit too “enthusiastic” for him.

Buying a white water boat for someone else is risky. Best give him leave to get one of his own.

Have him joining a local club that’s doing pool sessions

and see if he can demo several different types.

Gift Card
Give him a gift card for one of the better outdoor specialty shops in town and let him do the research and selection himself. A solo canoe or kayak is far too personal a purchase.

Get him a canoe

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so Steve can teach him to pole, 'cuz then he can take Steves picture and us Eastcoasters can see what polin' Steve looks like. Then we can get excited about seeing the fun Steve and your husband are having poling and can make plans to get together...some day. Kayaks are like navals. With a canoe, your husband could take you out paddling too, and Steve could take your picture. For the second boat, an OC-1 for the bigger whitewater....

New Boat as present
The best one to go for is one he has tried and is happy with.

See if you can get some demo boats and get a feel for them all.


Don’t you buy him a boat

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Sometime yes, and your impulse is great. But not right now. If he's only paddled a couple of times and you know less than him neither of you should be spending bucks on a boat yet.

The boats you found are mostly WW boats, which won't serve him at all well assuming he probably did flat water. Nor is there a rush - if he ends up wanting something like a Dancer they are available all the time.

Get him a gift certificate or similar that will afford him an opportunity to try out boats and figure out where he wants to go with this sport. Best yet, if you have an outfitter near you call and ask if they are running lessons in an indoor pool over the winter. It'll give him a chance to learn the basics and be a safer paddler, as well as figure out what kind of boat he will need.

Here are some choices that Yahoo found in Boise -

Idaho River Sports - www.idahoriversports.com
3100 W. Pleasanton Ave, Boise - (208) 336-4844

Alpenglow Mountainsport - www.alpenglowidaho.com
2314 N Bogus Basin Rd, Boise - (208) 331-2628

Inland Surf Company - www.inlandsurfcompany.com
4113 W State St, Boise - (208) 336-3282

Later add - as mentioned by someone else, the boat is maybe half the cost. The rest of it is paddle, PFD, gear and adequate clothing. So if he really is going to paddle, you want to make a good stab at a well-suited first boat because there are many other checks waiting to be writ. You may also want to consider taking those pool sessions with him, so you guys can paddle together.

I’d be thrilled
If wife even thought about getting me a boat!

Once he gets a boat, he’ll need other gear, like a paddle and pfd. They can be as pricey as a boat. Maybe get him a pfd and helmet, maybe even a throw line. That will let him know you are encouraging and that what you care most about is that he safely comes home after he goes paddling.

There are a thousand kayaks. You and we all really wish he’d get a canoe, but it is so confusing and so personal a choice, I sort of agree with the others that you may want to let him make the choice.


Agree with above comments, and…
the dancer and whiplash are unlikely to be a good choice just because they are old designs and may not be in good shape (especially the dancer). The delirious is a decent boat but probably not a good choice for someone starting out.

Yes! Yes!

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What Matt said :-D

And to think I almost didn't read this 'cause it was about 'yaks...

Sockeye - Idaho River Sports is the place to go for test paddles. They are the only local dealer I know of that is geared toward all paddlers year 'round, and they stock canoes, kayaks and inflatables. Helpful folks there too. They are located right next to a pond by the Greenbelt, so you can walk right across the dead end road to test paddle. BTW - they're having a big sale on boats & gear until this Sunday (the 7th).

Alpenglow is really a ski shop that sometimes stocks paddle gear (mostly Hobie stuff) in the summer. I don't know about the other one mentioned.

Hey - I also have three poles and no poling partner.....(hint)

BTW - IRS also rents boats.

If my wife were to have the inclination to buy me a boat - unless it was the one I already told her I want, I would probably prefer the gift of her “blessing” on a boat purchase of an approximate amount. (hmm. That’s what I got, and I’m still shopping…)

Also, BTW - have you found a paddling club or group yet?