What brand and size sprayskirt for OC

VCP Nordkapp HM with ocean cockpit. The more specific you can be the better as to brand and size (stock rather than custom preferred).


Snap Dragon
XS works and they make skirts specific for ocean cockpits. An XS Nookie deck will work too.

snapdragon xxs for OC
The xs size fits ndk explorer lv cockpit

thats around 28 inches were the xxs fits

upto about 20 -23inch OC cockpit. Valley also

has there own skirts for OC.

I thought you were intending to sell that boat off at a premium? Finally taking to the OC?

Spray Skirt size

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My 10 year old pintail has the same size cockpit as a Nordkapp of that era. I assume you are sizing for your 11 year old Nordkapp.. I use a XXS the XS is too big ,Snap Dragon Glacier Trek (I think that is the right name)
(neo with a nylon tube velcro closure)I had the XS size on my Seaward Endevour and it just rattled around on the Pintail. Hope this helps, Regards, G

go custom…

XXS Snapdragon and Brooks too
As others have said, for the Valley OC the XXS Snapdragon fits well. The Valley skirt is one tight fit in my experience, but its bombproof. Another option is a Greenland summer skirt called an Aluilisaq (sp?) which is a comfy skirt for use with OC and Brooks makes a nice one.

Actually used an XS
on my old 'Kapp and it worked well… No implosions, stayed dry rolling, but it was a loose fit

Perhaps an Akuilisaq/spray skirt
from www.bughead.net

size as follows:

Nordkapp HM, 23" x 17.5", 63.5", 60 (tight) 65 (loose)

Brian Shultz’s review says you don’t need the suspenders

Nordkapp HM XXS n/a XXS XXS

Nordkapp HMC XS n/a XS XS

Nordkapp HS XXS n/a XXS XXS

Nordkapp HSC XS n/a XS XS

This fit list is from Snapdragon.

I don;t know if my 11 year old Nordkapp HM is an HM or an HMC (you;re right, shuman, that is the one).

I am indeed thinking of giving it another whirl, long. It is really fine, I think for me with OC as I have skinny legs, but the issue is the launch. I just don;t have beachy sand launches like tsunamichuck and I had in La Jolla recently. I have concrete boat launches, and it is very hard to get into the OC from the water–brace or no brace.

Thanks for the many great replies. I will check them all out.