What brand canoe is this?

Looking on craigslist and found this canoe, but the owner has no clue what brand it is. They say it’s 18ft long and is made from plastic. I posted the link below. Any ideas?


Just on marketing considerations,

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I think it's more likely 17 than 18 feet. It shows some clever design features meant to stiffen a plastic boat that would normally tend to be floppy. The underside is to promote tracking, instead of using a keel. Not fast, but not a total slug.

The rear seat looks hard to raise or lower. Raising might be easier. All those ribs in the bottom will make bailing hard.

Not a solo boat. Price is ok, but if it turns out not to suit you, it may be a nuisance to resell.

On the brand, it has a partial relationship to a Pelican, with the use of internal molded cross ribs.

What canoe?
It doesn’t matter who made it, you don’t want it in my opinion. It is cheaply made with a large keel and very little freeboard. It will be hard to turn, and not very seaworthy. If it has any age on it, the plastic will not last very long. Sorry to be discouraging. There are so many better boats out there. Don’t be afraid to spend $400-500 for a used canoe.

$250 yes
This hull has me searching the old memory banks. I have seen this type before. Not a polyethylene hull. Its a stiffer material, more like a polycarbonate. Two layer hull, stiff, not floppy. If we scale the length off the fence behind it and each of the pickets is 4" wide, the fence sections have 18 pickets and that should be 6 per fence section or 12 feet of fence at the posts and another foot or so past the posts for the canoe, so something around 14 feet. If my guess is wrong and the fence sections are 8 feet, then the canoe is close to 18 feet and that would make the narrow hull ok. At 14’ it would be a slender hull.

From what i can remember these were made by a company molding small sailboats and rowing craft. West Coast company. They made a pretty big investment in the equipment to mold the two hull sections,but the rowing version could have shared the bottom section and had a rowing specific top section.

Maybe some of our posters living nearer the salt water may have seen these 20 years ago.