what brand of canoe?

I am getting ready to fix up my wife’s old canoe. We can’t find anybody who knows anything about it. So, we have no clue what make model or even year it is.

If anybody can help, that would be awesome.

It’s an aluminum canoe, 17 foot long and about 3 foot wide in middle. only two benches though. three cross beams (if that helps)I found a serial number on the bow- A 60094. the ONLY thing i could find anywhere on the net about that number is it’s the same as the zip code in Palestine IL.

I can email pics if anyone thinks they can help.

Thanks for any help that comes our way.


That’s a pretty generic description, sounds exactly like every aluminum canoe I’ve ever seen, which doesn’t help in the least. How about a picture?

Bill H.

The A in the HIN suggests this as a possibility.