What Brand of Sunblock do you use?

As additional thread to the Skin Cancer and Paddling I thought I would find out what brand of sunblock do you use. For me my dermatologist recommend BullFrog . It’s waterproof and works quite well.It can be hard to find , I have my health plan order it for me. FishHawk

Grizz-baar grease

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Dem flies dat git stuck ta it have a SPF of about 80. Does wonders fer me a'mighty purty scalp too.

Actually, ah' jus' cover up wit some o' dat Bullfrog glop. Works ok. But ah' usually covers me noggin' wit me Filson or Tilley (yup, FE wit a Tilley. Dem Mingo squaws shoo do take a hankerin' ta sprite old bucks paddlin' old OT Trippers while waarin' a Tilley).


(By de way, CampMor has Bullfrog)

A couple of studies have shown that people often don’t use enough sunscreen to get the rated protection. The No-Ad is inexpensive enough that I don’t hesitate to glop it on, and it seems to work just fine.


Fruit of the Earth
when I can find it and No Ad when I cant. The No Ad works very well but is greasier and my hands slip if I dont get it off my palms.

I don’t waste money on sunblock

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I also think people look ridiculous with white goop all over their nose. I just wear one of these:


It also helps with visibility on the bay so I don't get run over.

I think the stuck-up people in my paddling club are jealous 'cause no one ever talks to me when I wear it.

I’ll second this one
Bullfrog is the best. No greasy feeling, waterproof, doesn’t stink.

Another vote for Bullfrog
Bullfrog Sports Gel is the best.

same here:

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no-ad: cheap, water resistant and SPF 30 is good enough for me.
My wife has to use higher SPF-she uses some brand name stuff with SPF 45 and gets sun burn soem times anyway because she hesitates to use a lot of the stuff because of the price tag......

Aloe Gator
My dealer stocks a sunscreen product called Aloe Gator. They originally started stocking it for their windsurfing customers due to its excellent ability to stay on in the water. I didn’t really know how good it was until the shower after my first paddling session. I had to do a little extra scrubbing to get it off of my body. Not only did it hold up for my outing but I have not had a sunburn (from Texas heat!) on over three years. It is not at all greasy and you don’t go around smelling like a coconut!

If you can’t find it locally then go online to the Mariner Sails guys in Dallas. They would probably be more than happy to ship you a tube or so.

Coppertone Sport
Not greasy, water proof, sweat proof (does not sweat into my eyes, but don’t rub your eyes if you have any on your hands).

No oil (won’t damage latex gaskets.)

Available anywhere.

I spoke to a bunch of pharmacists and did a bit of research on this last spring.

Ombrelle with Titanium Dioxide is one of the very best performing sunscreens was the consensus.

Bannana boat ought to be avoided, said a couple of Pharmacys (don’t recall why)

I like to put on the Ombrelle, but use something like the coppertone sport spray pump throughout the day. It has an alcohol base, so it dries quickly and isn’t the least bit slippery on the hands. It is also quick and easy to apply good coverage to the face and other odd shapes.

I bought it at Target

Bullfrog for Kids when I can find it. It smells as good as it works.

We’ve used Aloe-up with good results. That, and a big ol’ hat is all I use most of the time.



Kinesys. Rated very highly in an
article in Ouside. My outfitter carries it as do many dermatologists. Sprays on and dries . Not slick and is waterproof.

Blue Lizard
I posted this the skin cancer post, it is the best I have ever used. It is difficult to find, but well worth it. As far as water proofness nothing beats it.