What can you tell me about this kayak?


Found this for sale near me, it is 12 ft long, fiberglass. What is it good for/ capable of? Thanks!

White Water Slalom
If the price is cheap enough, why not?


easy moving water?
Looks like a late 70s-mid 80s whitewater kayak. would be good for a rolling practice boat if outfitted good, good for moving water if youre not planning on hitting rocks and if you make a skeg for it, would be a good all purpose boat,without a skeg probably awful tracking. If you want a whitewater boat you can do much better for almost the same money. worth about 100-200 bucks if in good shape.

looks like it is in good shape or recently painted.

check for inside fiberglass itchies. many times these boats were handmade in someones garage and if the interior is rough at all they can be a real PITA (literally)

an old plastic boat may suit ya better. no itchies.


Relic from Bygone Days
I agree with posters above: Looks like a late '70s whitewater boat. Look for soft spots and places where it’s been broken and patched (you’ll see strips or sheets of fiberglass.) It will almost certainly have them, but if it has a lot of them, the boat may be heavier than you’d like, so pick it up and see how it feels. If you buy it, don’t forget to put float bags in asap. I personally would buy it for old times sake, but if you are just starting out, there are easier ways to learn, I think.

Its blue and pointy on both ends.
Looks like there is a place to sit in the middle.


Thanks everyone for your responses… I’ll let you know what happens.

Ed… thanks, I was still trying to figure out if that was a seat in the middle or the spot for an engine, thanks for clearing it up :slight_smile:

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After seeing the add the other day for a mokai (sp?) I told an eccentric man about it. He is now trying to install an older jet ski propulsion system in what is now a decked canoe. I am sure that the pictured blue pointy kayak would have been an excellent choice for experimentation in his opinion.