what canoe is this?

My friend told me about this canoe he just got. It has a flat back for mounting a motor, built in dry storage and he said it’s an old town but he couldn’t find it on their website. Does anyone by chance know of a canoe like this that oldtown makes or once made?

look for the serial number
someone posted a link to a Hull Id Number website but I cant find it. That can verify that it is an Old Town.

Then email Old Town with that HIN for the model.

They have been making canoes for over 100 years so the catatlog is just a fraction of OTS ever made.

Old Town Currently
makes a Predator 150, which is a square stern and I believe at one time there was an Osprey with a square stern. I do not recall though any of them having dry storage compartments at least in the last 10 years or so.

Discovery sport
was a model I ‘think’ I remember seeing. It was about 16 ft with a square back for mounting a motor. don’t recall any storage space, but it’s been a while

HIN website

This is a good one. MIC in the url refers to Manufacturers’ Identification Code, the first 3 letters of the hull identification code. USCG refers to the Coast Guard, the regulating agency. It’s an easy site to use.

I can tell you right now that Old Town canoe HINs start with XTC (random luck-of-the-draw letter sequence, don’t you think?). I can also tell you not every hull has a code. They should if they’re intended for sale to the public, but sometimes prototypes, defects and demos leak out of factories into the world. Look closely below the (usually) stern outwale.