what canoes did bell produce in the early 1990s?

Trying to ID this canoe from a photo. It has three seats and a claimed length of 16’6". I’m unfamiliar with the tandem canoes bell produced in the early 1990s. The registration sticker says 1992 but I think the interior label with hull ID may be long gone. Any guesses as to whether this is kevlar or fiberglass? Any ideas on the model?

The canoe is probably a Bell Fusion, designed by Bob Brown. The Fusion was marketed as a tandem/solo boat and usually sold with a third center seat. The boat looks like it is made of fiberglass.

Some specs for the Bell Fusion:

Length overall 16’ 6"
Maximum width 33"
Width at gunwales 32"
Width at 4" waterline 30"
Bow height 16"
Center height 13 1/2"
Stern height 15 1/2 "

Thank you