What did I find in the barn? Wood canoe……

Found this canoe n the barn. Any ideas what it is or if its grandpas home build? Thanks


That’s REALLY cool!

Where are you?

It looks awesome. It needs cleaned up and a home above a rustic bar or stood on end against a wall in a lodge.

A lot of hours went into making it a long time ago. Do you have any history on it?

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This people on this site can help you identify your canoe:


Really cool old canoe. Is it fiberglassed?

Looks like Grampa built a cedar strip canoe…

Wow! A very NICE find. Looks like a bit of sanding and nice new layer of glass on the hull would make that canoe water-ready beauty. :+1:


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I would be cautious over approaching the Canoe with some renovations at all. Should that be a real antique-the Value may be lessened if you had altered it at all . Best to keep it stored well , meanwhile, and try to find out more about it’s history & value.

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Did you find any floor panels? That framing would be uncomfortable without it.

looks like a solid home build…
as Overstreet says, it seems to be missing some inner panels but that should be fairly easy to fix.
Clean it up, add those panels, maybe a fresh coat of epoxy and it will be beautiful…