What did you get for Christmas?

What paddling gear did Santa bring you?
Or are you like I am , if you need it you have it?

Intex K2 …10 ft Inflateble kayak … A review to follow.

Well, it’s mostly if I need it I have it unless I struggle to match the use cases with the limited budget.

And, the doctor laughed at me when I asked him to prescribe carbon fiber canoes/kayaks to keep me active in my advancing age.

Brunton Compass and a bilge pump that I read about here that should actually fit behind the seat in my Cetus! Thanks Susan!

A new contoured seat and pad for the Lady Bug canoe.

I got a backup camera which certainly will help on narrow ramps.

Sue the Doc for malpractice!

We were having special eggnog and were treated to a double rainbow…


Santa brought a Luci Base Light, which was perfect as the power went out yesterday and I used it to charge my cell phone. A super multitasking solar light!

I gave the campers in the family basic Luci lights. Castoff recommended them.

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Santa brought me some candy… for quick paddling energy. Yeah, that’s it. Paddling energy.

I got some paddling gloves and my paddling partner got a tennis ball with a carrying handle.


Good looking dawg.

My present this year was that on 12/23 my contractor finished pouring the foundation for the 20’ x 32’ garage/boat storage barn I’m having built. Before Spring all the kayaks, the canoe and the boat trailer will have their own home and I will be able to meander through my walk-out basement without tripping over boats and gear. Best of all I will be able to load up and go paddling more often with greater ease and speed!


I paid off my mortgage, I retired, and I got a Bob Ross Chia pet. Sweetest Xmas Ever
Guess it made up for my 2019 paddling season


I’m familiar with the anticipation. Our garage project is hung up in permitting.

Congratulations Paatit!

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Fortunately, my borough only requires paying a $40 fee for the building permit for any structure that is not going to be used for a dwelling or business nor is attached to an existing building. Did not even need a plan review – I have ordered a pre-fab steel building. Turned out to be about the same cost as a stick built garage/shop plus it will have a clear-span ceiling so I can winch boats up into the space. Also the garage door coil up so there will be no obstruction from them. And, best of all, they will only take a day or two to erect it (building is included in the price.) No worries about termites either. It will look like this except the walls will be forest green and the roof tan (to match the house). 24x31x10_garage_tan-green


Very nice outbuilding willowleaf…I’d like to have one of those

Santa also brought me a (used) sleigh but it sucks for transporting canoes.