What dining rooms are for

Ideally suited to laying out the contents of all your drybags so you always have a smorgasbord of stuff at your fingertips.

Next week’s topic: What spare bedrooms are for


Someone said he sometimes slept in his canoe… don’t think he meant like that.


I’ve used the dining room to draw out my GP and do some carving.
I built a SOF in the living room except for applying the epoxy.


And then there’s a way to trash your living room…


What your “living room” (and dining room) looks like when you pack for a camping trip and your house is a sailboat:


If I showed how I have projects scattered in the house without getting permission. I would be in trouble for showing how messy I am from SWMBO!

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Argh. At least I am not alone.

Usually around this time of year my formal dining room is all set up for a holiday open house (first photo, from 3 years ago). But since I had to relocate all of my paddling gear from the nice big new garage at my rental property up the street due to being in a legal battle to evict the stubborn and hostile tenants in the house (we have shared garage access and I can’t trust them), my hardshell kayaks are now languishing in the yard and the neighbor’s garage and the packed up folding kayaks (three of them in these photos) and all the bags of assorted gear are piled in the dining room for the time being (pics 2 and 3).

I was hoping to restart the open house this year but it looks like the rising wave of covid cases will thwart that anyway. Looks like I may have to reorganize the basement to stash the boat stuff in there again. Sigh.


Sort of looks like the guy getting his camping gear together in the sailboat.

Except that I’m not a guy :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


We were on an week long river trip in Oregon. The weather was hot and we were camping on gravel bars near the water. The last night, one of our group of 8 crashed through the brush into a stand of black cottonwood trees. He started clearing out the underbrush. “The Grotto” was born. We were in deep shade for a change and the space was large enough to get all 8 people and a small table in there. It was Italian night, so we had pasta, salad, garlic bread and lots of red wine. Homemade Italian dessert from home. One of those nights no one ever forgets. It was perfect, and why we paddle in the first place.

SWMBO is my mother’s nick-name…matter o’ fact…when searching for a name for the kids to call her, she liked “GRAMBO.” Or, MOMBO, on occassion… :slight_smile:

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