What do u carry 4 protection against big


Maybe a 12ft pole

Why do you need protection?

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They r evil

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Bull sharks r the most aggressive and kill more people over here
Im talking about sharks bigger than your canoe

Aren’t most of those deaths swimmers?
5-6 foot bull sharks are common in Texas Gulf waters, but they don’t bother kayak fishermen. Though, I’d suggest not dangling feet over the sides. I know Oz has more of a problem with sharks than most anyplace but South Africa.

If I were kayak fishing there, I’d be in contact with the websites for kayak fishing in Australia. I’ve seen at least a couple. Really, there’s little you can do other than keep extremities in the kayak, don’t drag a stringer of fish, and don’t go flopping in the water like a big dead fish. Maybe a dive shop or website might have some suggestions.

Last year, I saw a shark carcass at the ramp where I put my yak in. It was very large. It smelled so badly, I could not get close to see what it was. Also, I was told that someone had cut the haed and tail off it, and left the carcass there. The waters in that salt creek is very shallow, so if that shark was caught in that creek, it had to have been a bull. Now, I worry about hanging my feet over the side to relax. I have also pulled fish behind me on a stringer, but no more. One of my friends estimated the weight of that shark to be about 150#.

when the canoe gets lifted out of the
water by mummy shark it waits u up

A few years back, a great white shark
or maybe it was a Mako, don’t remember which, just that it was humongous, was hanging out on a salt water creek that feeds into the Chesapeake. Think one man was killed by it. If people knew how many big sharks have been taken off Montauk near New York, it might make some reluctant to boat and play in those waters.

I don’t generally worry about sharks…although I’ve seen two relatively large ones in the past 2 years while fishing down in Myrtle Beach. The first time was two years ago on a glass smooth day out on the water. I was sitting anchored a few hundred yards offshore just waiting for a strike and I noticed out of the corner of my eye movement to my left. I looked down and about 4 or 5 feet down in the water a classic looking shark was slowly moving past…swishing side to side. My kayak (a Kaos) is 9’ or so long. This shark overlapped both ends by a good foot or so. He passed my anchor line and disappeared. It was pretty cool…and I used to dangle my feet over the edge of the kayak a lot…now I think twice about doing that.

The second big one I saw was a few months ago, just before Christmas I was fishing with my Dad off the end of the Cherry Grove pier and we saw this shark go by (I took a photo):


I’d estimate it was 10’ long or so. Hard to tell what type…might even be a basking shark (?)…

Keep your arms and legs within the ride at all times… :wink:


I do have a tomahawk 4 close encounters

Well for one thing
I took that decal of a baby seal off my hull.

  • Big D

should i insert a point in my 12 foot po

Alright boys and girls
I have done it ,file down a toothbrush and attached it 2 my pole

If you are in a fear for your life situation? A bang stick is best. A bang stick will kill them Instantly.

Other wise don’t have any blood dripping into the water

I realize why I love the great lakes so much! Never had to deal with sharks (other than some fishing while in mexico, but that was fun). Don’t really know how seeing something like that while out fishing would make me feel…

close shark
you know the one you saw pass under you when in your 9’ boat , what do think he was doing right there ?? … bet he was checking you out and thinking if you were good to eat or not !!


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I was there when Chesapeake Quint caught his Bull (or Nerf) shark near Sandy Point (one for the record) !! ....... it was written up that he caught it off Sandy Point light , but that's not so ....... he and two younger boys (guess his sons or nephews) were sitting on the west side rock pile all night through the big blow that raged through the dark hours (ps., not one drop of rain just 40+ knots steady up from the south with following seas , tide coming in)......... they had a 14' little wooden flat nose skiff hiding in the wind break where the rock pile meets the concrete ....... when I arrived Quint was on his knees up front hanging onto a heavy rod bent clean over for all he was worth and the line was straight down ....... he was with in 50' off the rock pile ....... the two boys were taking care of bussiness in the stern ........ we followed him almost to Magothy light , continually loosing him in the swells that remained after the big blow (five footers easy and 20 knots steady), the wet water line on the bridge poles was at least 14' from that storm and it almost killed us when it came in the wee morning hours and I was in a 20' Outrage , took two hours to make safe harbor and wasn't sure if we would make it until we made it !! (ps., get this, FSS breifer said CAVU w/ winds to 10 knots through the night, opps ??)....... Chesapeake Quint caught it in 15' of water (15' down) with a 6 lb. Bluefish he had cut to bleed on a hook the size of a coat hanger ........ when he had finished the fight , he returned to the rockpile and tucked in to the wind break again ........ there he pulled it up from the stern to show me the tail , it was a good 3 feet wide probably a bit more ...... then we followed him in to the pier where all the comotion started with the spectators ........ all this took place before any one had yet to show up on the bridge to start fishing , it wasn't even quite light out yet when it was all over ( well that's not true exactly, but it wasn't quite light when it started ).......... you know the reason we followed ol Quint for an hour during the battle is because we thought for sure he was going to swamp in those seas that morning as soon as he left the safty of the rock pile !! ...... some would say he's crazy , but he knows what he's doing , he chased that shark up from the Choptank !! ......... he told me about the one before he had caught , he was going for record then too , the authorities disallowed that other catch because once he had got the shark to boat side , he gave the rod to another in the boat while he shot it in the head , turns out the rules say NO ONE but the fisherman may hold the rod and it must die of natural cause (NO MAGNUMS to the head) , LOL ......... so he wasn't going to make that same mistake this time , he did it right this time and went into the record books !!! ........ SHARKS in the Chesapeake BITE YOU OUCHY !!!

LOL :slight_smile:
I thought for sure this thread was going to read.

What do u carry 4 protection against big

D. My first thought was cookies. LOL

12 foot Hammerheads in the Fla Keys. 8’-10’ Bull sharks in the Shallow Fla Bay…Use a wire leader and you can almost water ski behind the canoe when they take off. An oar to the head wil chase away the bullshark. The nice wonderful 12 guage or .223 Bangsticks are Illegal in Florida. We use sticks or oars. Also, no sidearms in the Everglades or the rangers take your boat.

This You Tube video impressed the heck out of me with regards to the tenaciousness and ferocity of a large shark. In this vid you see a rather larger hammerhead come up and pilfer an angler’s tarpon (fish…not the kayak…lol…). Pretty damn scary…and I don’t scare easy… :slight_smile: