What do y'all do for charts?

Perhaps I’m lacking in imagination, but the best I’ve been able to do for charts is take the NOAA bathymetric ones (that start out at 48"x36"), cut 'em up into pieces, laminate 'em, and call it a day.

Is there anything better? I’m certainly not finding it in my local kayak shops.

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it would help if we knew where you are. Different options are available in different areas. For example, in the Puget Sound area, the San Juans, San Francisco, etc., SeaTrails marine maps are popular.


Marine charts, waterproof
From West or Hamilton Marine, we fold them up and beat the the hell out of them until they have to be replaced. This works best for coastal areas…

But as above, there are local resources that are quite good for many areas. Also general references guides like Eldridge’s or Reeds, if they cover where you are.

here you go

Laminating bits of charts is ok, but to me they end up too small, covering the wrong area, and lacking those critical lat and lon scales along the edges.

I think it ends up being cheaper, and more effective, to buy waterproof charts from “Waterproof Charts”, or other makers.

Make your own?

print at home charts
NOAA offers free booklet size print at home charts. you download the book and print off the 8.5x11 sheets as needed. I use Nat Geo waterproof chart paper. The other option is to laminate them at a copy store.


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But I print them out on “Rite in teh Rain” paper on a regular lazer printer. The final product is tough and waterproof.


Great suggestions from everyone
Thanks everyone… while I can see what I was using was pretty good, there’s a few other options as well. Especially the NOAA booklet-size thingy, though the map cutoffs are right exactly where I don’t want 'em on some of my most common routes. =<br />

Thanks again.